Anglers told to fish on despite rod licence glitch

The Environment Agency has reassured anglers that it is working to deal with an issue that has seen thousands of people fail to receive their rod licence for the new 2014/2015 season.

Every coarse and game fisherman in the land is required to purchase a licence by law but many have been left waiting to get their hands on it despite paying weeks earlier due to a technical glitch.

Officials at the Environment Agency have blamed a problem with data transfer between the Post Office and themselves but have issued a statement revealing anglers are still able to get on the bank without it in their possession. A spokesperson said: “People who haven’t received their licence yet can still fish. They need to make sure they take some ID and their ‘RL’ number, which can be located on their receipt.”

Staff are currently working to clear the backlog and the remaining licences are set to be posted within the coming weeks.

For more details on the issue call the EA on 03708 506506.

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