Anglers lose count of 2lb-plus perch at Blithfield Reservoir

“It was some of the best perch fishing I’ve ever experienced, but is still just the tip of the iceberg.”

These are the words of well-known specimen hunter Gary Knowles who was one of the lucky anglers to take part in the first ever perch trials at Blithfield Reservoir which saw over 900 fish landed.

Eight boats, each carrying two anglers, took part in the two-day lure fishing event and not only did each vessel average 50 perch per day, but event organisers admitted to loosing count of the number of perch over 2lb that were caught from the 790-acre venue.

The lion’s share of the fish boated were caught by those using the ever-popular drop shotting tactics and Korum Tackle-backed Gary along with John Davey, who co-manage the predator fishing at the venue on behalf of Blithfield Anglers, are adamant that this is just a taste of what’s to come.

“The fishing was nothing short of incredible,” Gary told Angling Times. “We were all left shaking our heads as none of us had ever caught perch in these numbers before.

“It wasn’t as if we were just catching perch from one area either, there were unbelievable amounts of fish coming from many different parts of the lake. It proves the sheer numbers of fish the venue holds and it’s only a matter of time before a truly enormous perch is caught from Blithfield.”

Another angler that was totally blown away by the fishing on offer was Korum Tackle and Preston Innovations’ media co-ordinator Adam Firth.

“It was an incredible experience just to perch fish an awe-inspiring venue like this for the first time. But to have two days where my boat partner and I lost track of how many fish we’d caught was really special,” said Adam.

“We boated fish to 2lb 4oz, but it’s so exciting to think what might lurk beneath the surface.”
Perch fishing fanatics still have their chance of further proving the potential of this incredible venue as there are still boat fishing days available on Saturday, November 29 and Sunday, November 30.

It costs £25 per-person per-day and for more information contact John Davey on: 07766 880718 or e-mail:

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