Anglers discover snag in lake is actually a mystery aircraft

When most anglers snag their tackle on an unseen obstruction they imagine a disused shopping trolley, a fallen tree or a weighty boulder to be the culprit.

But fishermen at a deep Northamptonshire pit got a huge shock when the object that kept swallowing their lures turned out to be a fully formed plane.

Specimen hunter Adam Perna took these striking images after the water, which was as deep as 30ft in places, had been drained down for landscaping.

The Oxfordshire angler said: “It’s a lake a buddy and I had previously fished on a few occasions with lures – and now we know where all our jigs have been going when we got snagged!

“We thought from the surrounding area there would be a few boulders in the lake but did not expect to see anything like this appear from the depths.”

The plane is believed to be a pre-1960 Piper PA-23 Apache, a twin-propeller light aircraft usually fitted with four to six seats. The question of how this particular example came to rest at the bottom of a lake remains unanswered.

“It’s a mystery as to how it got in there,” said Adam. “There is an airbase in the vicinity so perhaps they put it in there?  There used to be divers in the lake so I imagine they could have used it as a feature to look at when they were diving.”

The 28-year-old tiler added: “As far as I’m aware it was a privately owned lake that used to have a few trout and perch in, but the sizes of the perch were unknown unfortunately.  The lake is being relandscaped at present with potential for some sort of fishery in the future a few years down the line.”

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