Amazing brace of perch from tiny waterway

Visiting a stretch of a Lincolnshire river that had been choked with weed paid off for Phil Taylor as he banked 16 large perch, including this stunning brace weighing 3lb 8oz and 3lb 4oz.

A series of cold and wet nights had helped flush out the vegetation on the waterway, providing the Skegness-based rod with the perfect opportunity to target several previously unfishable spots.

Using a link-legered worm on a rig consisting of 6lb Drennan Double Strength to a size 12 hook, it wasn’t long before he’d slipped the net under a trio of 2lb-plus fish.
“A pike then entered the swim which caused the shoal of perch to back off,” said Phil. “I always carry a lure rod with me and on the first chuck I landed the 8lb fish and returned it safely further downstream.”

By feeding a pint of red maggots he was able to encourage the perch back on to his spot and ended the day with seven fish over 2lb and five over 3lb.

Despite having landing specimens to 3lb 12oz in the past, Phil was in no doubt as to where the session ranked in his all-time leaderboard. “It was my best catch ever. It is only a tiny waterway but a 4lb perch could certainly be on the cards this winter,” he added.

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