After a 10 year wait Kev Hewitt finally banks Spike

Kev Hewitt scratched a 10-year itch with the capture of Spike from Linear’s Manor Farm.

The ESP and CC Moore-backed angler’s impressive photo album was missing the 40lb 12oz fish, named after its pointed dorsal fin, until an 11-fish haul brought them together.

The Hinders of Swindon general manager said: “Spike was my 15th UK 40Lb-plus carp and was the last of the Manor Farm originals that I needed to catch to complete the full set.”

Kev, whose catch also included six twenties to 29lb, fished Equinox pop-ups on chod rigs over light weed at 100 yards. He baited with a mix of matching boilies, Betalin-soaked sweetcorn, hemp and CC Moore’s Response + Cream liquid.