A forty and a fifty in session of a lifetime!

“It’s taken all my life to catch a forty, then just two hours to catch my first fifty.”

That was the incredulous reaction of Darren Taylor after he caught fish of 51lb 12oz, 44lb 10oz, 36lb 8oz and 34lb 15oz in under 12 hours.

The 40-year-old has fished at Essex’s Fryerning Fisheries on and off for almost a decade but despite an impressive catch rate had yet to bank a forty. Until last week.

Darren fired his Nash Monster Squid hookbaits and small PVA sticks to a spot at 120yrds but had to wait until the second evening of a 48-hour session for the action to start.

“At about 7.30pm I had a fish known as The Nunn at 44lb 10oz, which was my first-ever 40. I think I’m still more excited about this fish than the fifty because it was a barrier I had waited so long to break.

“Then two hours later I had my first fifty! While I was playing it, my mate Mark had a 39-pounder from the next swim so it was just surreal. I was gobsmacked, my mind was shot to pieces – I didn’t really know what to do or where to look!”

Darren’s dream session continued at 3.30am with the capture of the ghostie known as The Dalmation at 36lb 8oz, then the final thirty at first light.

“I might as well sell my gear now,” joked the Leigh-on-Sea angler, “I don’t think I’ll ever beat that session!”

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