A Real Chance To Bag 600lb Of Carp At Alders Farm

IF YOU fancy a bagging session this weekend than my advice is to head to Alders Farm Fishery.

Anglers visiting the Buckinghamshire venue this summer are leaving with aching arms as nets as big as 600lb have been featuring in both matches and pleasure sessions.

There are seven lakes at this prolific venue but the biggest weights have been coming off Ash where carp in the 2lb to 5lb range are the main quarry along with the odd bigger fish to keep you honest. Anglers have been bagging up with as many as 200 fish in a session by feeding 4mm fishery own pellets and fishing a 4 or 6mm banded version over the top. That said any method and baits will work on this pool including corn, meat and paste. There are a multitude of features to aim for around the edge as well as a main island in the middle which can be reached with a feeder or big waggler.

Fishing for a big weight could not be simpler just cup in two big pots of 4mm Cold Water Sinking Pellets at the start, put a bit of paste or pellet on the hook and fish immediately over the top of the loose feed, aim to catch at 3m, or even shorter if you can get away with it. The key to getting that magical double ton bag of carp is to keep the fish interested for your whole session. Feed the rest of your pellets by hand and create a 'slosh' each time when topping up the peg, which will be on very regular intervals.

If carp arent your thing than there is the Pump Lake. This is one of the smaller lakes on the complex and resembles a canal at 14m. It is full of silverfish making it an ideal short pole, whip or waggler water; a great place for beginners or juniors.

Prices: £9 a day, £16 specimen lake dawn til dusk ticket
Contact: 07860 235655, www.aldersfarm.com
Location: Alders Farm Fishery, Ivy Lane, Great Brickhill, Bucks, MK17 9AH
Rules: Barbless only, no bolt rigs, fishery own pellets, feeders must be inline only, max hooks size 12, no braid, no floating poles, no carp sacks, no fires, no groundbait by hand, no hemp, no pet meat, no nuts, no bread
Facilities: Toilets, tackle/bait shop, disabled access