9lb 12oz tench is best of 13 fish haul

A bold baiting attack helped Ted Bryan enjoy his greatest tench fishing session in years which was capped off with four specimens over the 9lb barrier.

The Nash-backed rod headed to a venue in Kent’s Medway Valley for a 48-hour session and introduced 30 balls of Fish Frenzy Tandoori Spice groundbait laced with pellets, maggots, corn and hemp.

Previous experience told him that a patient approach would be needed but within two hours he was into action as a 6lb 10oz fish found the net.

Several others to 8lb 12oz were taken during darkness, with a brace weighing in at 9lb and 9lb 10oz sliding over the net the following morning.

With the session coming to a close the former Drennan Cup champion began to pack up but there was time for one last bite and Ted said: “The alarm went off and I struck into a big fish. Shortly afterwards the best of a 13 fish catch weighing 9lb 12oz was in the net.”

All the tench were taken on 10lb Nash Hardcore mainline and a size 10 Fang X hook baited with two Tandoori Spice pop-ups.

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