82lb 12oz common carp caught from Les Teillatts

This bicep-straining 82lb 12oz common gave Andy Clark a shock as he netted it in the dark at Les Teillatts in France.

The Essex angler told Angling Times: “I never like turning my head torch on when landing fish so I landed it without realising the full extent of the size of the fish. It wasn’t until I tried to lift it that I realised it was something special!”

The fish arrived at 4am and fell to a Mainline Hybrid snowman rig fished to a plateau that had received 15kg of bait over four days.

Andy said: “The take was three bleeps and then a drop back. I didn’t know I had hooked something big until it was under the rod tip as it had swum towards me.”

The successful rig featured a size 6 Fox Arma Point hook and 25lb Atomic Jel-E-Wyre.

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