74lb mirror tops 55 fish Domaine de la Ribiere haul

Four fourties, three fifties and a 74-pounder gave Luke Edwards an incredible French Haul.

The Fox-backed angler amassed a huge tally of 55 carp during a week at Domaine de la Ribière near Limoges.

The Wolverhampton rod’s session was topped by the mirror known as Alex at 74lb 2oz – the third time Luke has caught the fish in eight trips.

He said: “I started on Saturday afternoon and the fish we're showing at range so I dropped three different rigs over the area and after only five minutes I was attached to a mid-twenty.

“As I was doing the photos I received a drop back and hit into the fish. After a few minutes of the fish running towards me I had it under control and was playing it under the top. It was recognised as Alex, and knowing this could be massive I took my time and waded in and slipped the net under the lump! I had only been fishing for two hours so it was a right result!”

As the action came thick and fast, Alex went on to take an unknown 51lb 8oz mirror and another of 52lb on a Fox Zig Aligna soaked in Hinders’ Betalin. The largest fish of the trip fell to a 10mm Mainline Hybrid boilie topped with four fake maggots on an 11lb Illusion hooklink and a size 10 Kuro hook.

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