64lb sturgeon on the pole

This is the picture of the UK’s biggest ever pole-caught fish - a huge 64lb 3oz sturgeon from Lindholme Lakes.

The hard fighting specimen, which is believed to be the world’s second largest fish ever landed on the pole, was finally beaten to the bank by top flight match angler Jason Le Bosquet after an arm-aching battle that lasted over an hour.

The Doncaster complex is better known for its three-figure nets of carp, but the Garbolino and Bait Tech consultant proved that even surprise six-foot specimens are no match for him and his GMAX Power Legion pole when he used a rig made from 0.20mm mainline, an 0.18mm hooklink attached to a size 12 hook and 10-12 Green Garbolino Bazookarp hollow elastic.

“I’ve landed some big carp on the pole in my time, but I couldn’t believe I managed to successfully land this sturgeon,” Jason told Angling Times.

“To see a freshwater fish that big was truly amazing, but to catch it myself on the pole really blows me away. It just shows what is possible with balanced tackle.”
Jason was fishing on venue owner, Neil Grantham’s, one-acre ‘garden lake’ with a top four kit when the huge specimen took his double worm hookbait.

Until Jason’s catch the biggest pole-caught fish in the UK was a 39lb mirror carp banked by Matthew Hart from Essex’s Lake John Fishery in 2007 and the world’s biggest fish landed using the popular method is believed to be a catfish weighing 105lb, which fell to a French angler known as ‘Mad Fred’ in 2012.

Garbolino boss and England international Darren Cox witnessed the catch. He said: “I have witnessed many top angling performances in my life, but this is right up there with the very best. There are very few anglers that have the skill to land a fish like that.”

With all the lakes on the complex full due to it hosting the Garbolino Club Angler of the Year qualifier, Neil allowed Jason access to his private lake.

“Jason wanted to test out his new pole, so I thought him get his elastic stretched in my garden lake – I never expected him to land something like this. What an achievement,”” said Neil.

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