63lb 4oz common carp from the River Ebro

This huge 63lb 4oz specimen equals the River Ebro common carp record and was banked by globetrotting angler Martin Hodgkinson.

During a week-long trip on the Spanish waterway with Mequinenza-based Catfish Tours, the Nash Tackle consultant overcame tough conditions to also net four carp over 40lb, six thirties and nine twenties.

 “We had to use 20oz of lead just to keep our rigs in position and battle against the huge rafts of weed that were hurtling down the river, but it was so worth it as the carp fishing on this river is absolutely terrific even in such testing conditions ,” Martin told Angling Times.

The Wolverhampton rod fished over beds of pellets with a 32mm pellet and a 20mm Nash Squid Scopex boilie fished snowman-style on a size 6 hook.

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