5lb 6oz eel tops big haul from club water

Former Drennan Cup holder Ted Bryan admitted that his latest session was one of the ‘toughest he’d ever experienced’ despite landing a string of big eels to 5lb 6oz.

The Sydenham, London-based specialist spent 48 hours at a club lake in Sussex and primed his swim with a mixture of maggots, chopped worms and liquidised prawns. As darkness fell his target species fell to his maggot hookbaits.

“The first night I had nine eels up to 4lb 4oz and the rest were all in the 2lb to 3lb bracket, so I was up and down all night and only got some sleep once it was light,” said Ted.

“The following night went exactly the same way and the first fish was the biggest of the trip. These were two of the hardest nights I’ve ever done, but so rewarding.”  

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