53lb common and 39lb mirror carp just minutes apart

The reigning Angling Times Carp Angler of the Year has been at it again with a 92lb brace that included this vast 53lb 6oz common.

Martin Pick caught the Chinese Common and a 39lb 8oz mirror within minutes of each other at Berkshire’s Wellington Country Park. The catch also came just a week after he had bagged a 46lb 2oz mirror from the same venue.

“I haven’t done much time this year, probably about 10 or 12 sessions since November of last year, which makes the recent run of fish even sweeter,” said the Korda-backed carper.

Arriving at a busy water on a Sunday morning, Martin took his time and eventually located some fizzing carp in a small channel between an island and the bank on his third lap of the lake.

“That was good enough for me,” said Martin, “although it did seem to raise a few eyebrows, with one guy asking, ‘why are you going in there?’.”

After a quiet night, Martin had a screaming run at 6.30am. He said: “It was raining, but I rushed out in my socks and bent into it. Straight away I could feel the line grating on the bushes, so I had no choice other than to plunge straight in, without my waders. The improved angle did the trick and the fish came free and tanked off down the channel. Looking back, I’d certainly have lost it had I not taken the action that I did.

“As it was, I managed to coax the fish back up the channel and netted it safely. I popped it onto the scales and they flew round to over 53lb, which blew me away! I felt sick and had to pop the fish into the retention sling and have a brew while I gathered my thoughts.

The kettle hadn’t even boiled before I was away again on one of the open-water rods. This time the culprit was a typical Welly mirror that weighed in at 39lb 8oz! I was completely bewildered now, unable to completely believe what had happened to me.”

The fish fell to reverse combi rigs and DT Baits’ Cold Water Mix boilies.

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