48lb Dinton fish interrupts the football

Jaime Atkinson’s bankside World Cup viewing was rudely interrupted by this 48lb 8oz whacker.

The mirror, known as The Twin, came from White Swan Lake at Dinton Pastures in Berkshire as the Basingstoke angler was watching the football on a friend’s iPad.

Jaime said: “After arriving to an unsurprisingly busy White Swan I was happy to find a swim in the area I wanted with fish evident.

“There were sheets of fizz dotted around the swim, with one area in particular the most concentrated. Not wanting to spook the fish and not knowing what the bottom was like, I flicked a chod rig out, which landed really firmly.

“After some bubbling on the spot I decided to change to a bottom bait with about 80 baits fairly tightly spread. It turned out to be a good move as I had a slow take while watching Brazil v Chile on my mate’s iPad!

“After a mental scrap, involving wading out into marginal reeds which the fish had kited behind, my good mate Chris netted what we already had seen was The Twin! I was a bit blown away by it all! It’s a proper old unit of a carp and one of Dinton’s finest! I was absolutely made up! Cheers to everyone who helped.”

The 29-year-old dental technician presented a Sticky Krill boilie on a size 6 wide-gape hook and 20lb Korda N-Trap.

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