46lb mirror tops three fish catch from new water

A spell of low pressure gave Dan Leney the perfect start to life on a new water as he bagged this 46lb 8oz mirror alongside a 33-pounder and a 20lb common between storms.

The 39-year-old teacher was just three weeks into his campaign on London’s Horton Island Lake, formerly Kingsmead Island Lake, when the fishing switched on.

He said: “It was the second day of a three-day session and in a lull between storms there was a huge low pressure and the wind was crashing against the island margin I was fishing to 80yds away.

“I have noticed in my short time on the water they love a low pressure. They started to show over the spot and when I had a savage liner on the middle rod I thought it was going to go but it didn't, so I turned back to sit down and the right rod locked up on braid and arched over.

“An absolutely mental battle ensued as I had to get the fish away from the island snags. When it was in open water the option of the boat was there but I had a few gremlins to shift. I had lost six on the bounce to hook pulls so confidence had crashed, but playing this tank from the bank would reinstate it all.

“When the fish went in after an epic battle the emotion was uncontrollable. Seeing a chunk more than 10 inches across the back, I knew it was a good fish. When I turned it over to get the hooklink out I noticed the depth and I knew it was a new PB.”

Dan, who fed 4kg of hemp and snails, went on to land a 33lb mirror and a 20lb-plus common on his Rigmarole bottom-bait chod rigs and CC Moore Northern Special hookbaits.

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