45lb mirror plus nine thirties from The Monument

Luke Edwards is a man in form after banking nine thirties and a forty in four days.

The biggest of the fish, which all came from The Monument in Shropshire, was the mirror known as OJ at exactly 45lb.

The 33-year-old Wolverhampton angler’s other fish included mirrors of 38lb 4oz, 35lb 8oz and 35lb.

He said: “My syndicate’s closed so I managed to get some cancellations on The Monument.

“I fished the Monday-to-Tuesday session, but not the night due to a morning hospital appointment. On the Monday I managed to sneak out a 29-pounder but the whole place was dead as there was high pressure.

“I got back on the Tuesday at 1pm and by 7pm I had caught five thirties and four twenties!

“I then managed to book the Thursday-to-Friday session and had five fish including a mid-double, two twenties, a 33lb 4oz and OJ at 45lb.

“I then came back for the next Monday and had fish of 38lb 4oz, 35lb and 32lb – so in two nights and four days I’ve had 17 fish and 10 over 30lb.”

Luke’s fish fell to a variety of baits including maggots, 10mm Mainline Hybrid boilies and corn and hemp. OJ fell to a 10mm boilie tipped with maggots and dipped in Hinders Betalin.

His rigs featured Fox Illusion in 10lb or 12lb and Fox Kuro S3 hooks.

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