45lb common tops seven fish haul from Bundy's Pit

Seven weeks of hard work paid off in style for Dave Moncaster as he banked this 45lb 10oz common as part of a seven-fish catch.

Tackling the notoriously deep Bundy’s Pit in Cambridgeshire, Dave caught the fish, known as Original Big Un, during a weekend session.

The Lincolnshire bait-maker, who runs Active Bait Stamford, said: “It was the culmination of seven weeks’ hard work. I’ve been baiting the area ever Tuesday and Thursday after work and fishing from the Friday evenings.

“In that period I’ve had five thirties and probably 13 twenties.”

Recalling the session that produced the big common, the Fox-backed angler said: “I finished work at 3pm on the Friday and was at the lake for 3.45pm I had the first bite with an hour, though most of the action came during the night.

"The big one came on the Saturday afternoon and was a slow and steady take. I’ve fished the lake for seven years and you know how the bigger fish fight – and that’s exactly what this one did from the start.

“It’s definitely one of the A-Team that everyone on the lake wants to catch.”
Dave fed a total of 15kg of pellets and boilies over the weekend and caught the fish on a prototype Active Bait fishmeal boilie. His rig featured 3ins of 25lb Fox Reflex, a size 6 XSC hook and a 5oz lead fished drop-off style.

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