41lb common banked after being uncaught for nine years

Carp fishing’s ability to stir emotion shone through as the first person to catch this 41lb common in almost a decade dedicated the capture to his late brother.

Dave Dobson was only fishing at Spitfire Pool in Norfolk because his brother Paul, who had booked the trip for himself and his son Joshua, passed away suddenly five weeks ago.

In a fitting tribute, the venue’s most elusive resident, which was last caught in March 2005, slipped up halfway through a week-long session on the day Joshua celebrated his 24th birthday.

Dave, from Coventry, told Angling Times: “It has been very emotional, but good emotion. It was 100 per cent teamwork from me and my nephew and it was a fantastic moment.”

The fish, known as the Long Common, was last caught at 28lb when Tony Blair was Prime Minister and the Crazy Frog topped the charts.

Dave, whose previous best was 29lb, said: “It really shocked me to catch this one. There’s been a lot of hype about it.”

Having lost a fish during the previous evening, Dave took Joshua’s advice and lengthened his hooklink and put on a heavier lead.

“The bite came at 12.30am on Joshua’s birthday and was a screaming take. The lead came off straight away and it came to the surface so I was able to skim it over the weed. I thought it was a big common and was just very excited about that, but Joshua knew it was the Long Common.

“[Lake owner] Rich Wilby came down and shook my hand – there was a lot of emotion flying about.”

The fish fell to a Mainline Activ-8 dumbbell bottom bait tipped with fake corn and mounted on 10 inches of Korda N-trap and a size 6 Nash Fang Twister hook.

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