40lb common from Yorkshire day ticket water

A social session on a West Yorkshire day-ticket water produced this fine 40lb common to Vince Jewitt.

The Hull angler travelled to Eric’s Willows Lake in West Yorkshire to catch the fish, known as Twisted Scale, at 40lb 2oz.

The 31-year-old printer also managed two double-figure carp during his 72-hour session.

He said: “I used to have a ticket for the water when it was a syndicate but I’ve moved off to other places since it went day ticket. I just down for a social with a friend so it wasn’t bad to catch one of the big commons!

“When we arrived it was fishing quite slowly and we didn’t have much to go on, but on the second day a north-easterly wind starting to push towards one of the islands.

“I moved a couple of swims along and started seeing fish. I woke up the next morning wondering why I hadn’t had a bite, when one of the rods just tightened up before my eyes.

“I lifted into it and it weeded me up a couple of times, and once they’ve got a bit of weed on their head they tend not to fight too hard. When I got it in the net I thought it was probably a mid-twenty, and it wasn’t until I went to winch it up that I realised it was much bigger!”

Vince spread about 2kg to 3kg of 20mm Sticky Krill boilies over his baited area and fished a matching chod rig over the top. His rigs featured 25lb ESP Stiff Bristle, size 4 ACE Razor Point Chod hooks and 2oz Buzz Tackle distance leads.

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