40lb common carp from day-ticket lake

The “fish we all dream of catching” is how Mark Finney described the big Baden Hall common as he netted it at over 40lb.

The beautifully proportioned common, which can be fished for on a day ticket at the Staffordshire complex’s New Quarry Pool, is one of the most sought-after in the country and has previously reached 46lb 8oz.

Mark said: “Halfway through a three-day session, at 7.30pm on July 31, my rod screamed off. After a 15-minute battle she came in nice and steady to the waiting net.
“What came into that net was the fish we all dream of catching – Baden Hall’s ‘Big Girl’, coming in at 40lb 8oz. What a result!”

Mark presented a 10mm Sticky White Chocolate pop-up over about a kilogram of Sticky Krill boilies. The hookbait was presented in a sold PVA bag and was fished to a far margin, just off a clear spot.

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