40-plus fish to 31lb 4oz carp fall in zig session

“I caught so many carp I lost count”. Those were the words of Angie Lawley as she proved the power of zig rigs during a manic day-ticket session.

More than 40 fish to over 30lb fell to the tactic at Oxlease Lake on the Linear Fisheries complex.

Arriving to find the 26-acre Oxfordshire venue busy, Angie and her partner Chris Lowe opted to fish to the island from pegs 12 and 13, and the action began instantly.

“From Monday morning until Wednesday afternoon, I caught in excess of 40 carp,” said Angie. “If I’m being honest, I actually lost count.

“Although the majority of the fish were doubles and twenties, I was lucky enough to catch two thirties weighing 30lb on the nose and 31lb 4oz.”

She added: “It was clear straight away that this was going to be a hectic session. When the carp are milling around in the upper layers in numbers they don’t seem to spook when fish are getting caught and, more often than not, anglers who land on these pods of fish amass huge hits.”

The West Midlander fished black-and-yellow Avid Zig Lites at 10ft in 18ft of water. Chris, who managed seven carp to 27lb 8oz, fished boilies over a heavily baited area.

Angie concluded: “All in all, it was a brilliant session and proof that, if conditions are right, zigs can be an outstanding tactic. They aren’t just for nicking bites.”

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