4,000lb Great White boated

A British angler has landed a colossal great white shark which would smash the current world record for the species by well over 1,000lb.

Andy Hales experienced the ‘fight of his life’ after he accidentally hooked the huge predator, estimated to have weighed over 4,000lb, which then proceeded to tow the boat he was fishing from for over two miles.

The Warwickshire-angler was fishing alongside Fosters of Birmingham tackle shop owner Richard Foster, when the duo took a break from fishing for yellow fin tuna to target some of the number of shark species which had also been attracted to the area they were fishing from off the southern most point of Cape Agulhas in South Africa.

A tuna head mounted on a size 14/0 hook that then taken by the shark that measured over 18 feet in length, and Andy was eventually able to win the mammoth two-hour fight with the help of a 120lb class Shimano rod, an 800lb wire hooklink and 130lb mainline.
“It’s illegal to specifically Great Whites in South Africa, but the huge predator grabbed the bait that we had put out for one of the other species of shark that are in abundance in these waters.” Richard told Angling Times.

“When it took off and began to tow the boat we knew exactly what Andy had hooked. His hands were soon blistered because he wasn’t only hanging onto the rod for dear life, but also the harness that is attached to the fighting chair to prevent you getting pulled overboard.

“When we got the shark alongside the boat we were speechless - it was easily the width of two shire horses standing side by side.”

The official International Game Fish Association (IGFA) great white shark world record stands at 2,664lb and was caught in Australia in 1959.

Andy’s huge predator is one of several captures that would break the current line-caught record, but due to the complicated claim procedures that are required by the IGFA these fish are given an estimated weight and safely released.

If you would like to find out more about fishing in South Africa contact Richard at Fosters of Birmingham on: 0121 3443333.