3lb 4oz perch from southern estate lake

When Mark Pilley’s carp fishing session didn’t going to plan he turned his attention to perch - and promptly landed this 3lb 4oz specimen.

Targeting a southern estate lake, the London rod was struggling to catch carp in freezing cold winds so fetched his new Fox Rage Lure set-up from the car. And it wasn’t long before his Hot Olive Mini Fry lure was snapped up. 

“The first cast saw me dragging in half a tree branch which I immediately thought would ruin the swim,” he said. “I decided to give it a couple more goes and my lure was hit on the next cast. It wasn’t a long or spectacular fight but it made several lunges under the tip.

It’s not quite a personal best but it’s the biggest I’ve had for quite a few years and it’s my best on a lure.”