3lb 2oz grayling from southern chalk stream

This huge 3lb 2oz grayling was caught by Neill Stephen during a session on a southern chalk stream.

The London-based big fish hunter admitted that the species had become an ‘obsession’ for him this year and he has spent hours walking the banks of the river in search of his quarry.

His dedication finally paid off after he trotted two white maggots through his swim more than 50 times to entice the impressive specimen from a deep hole.

“It was so very frustrating as the fish would mop up all of the loosefeed and then leave the hookbait time after time before disappearing back into the sanctuary of its hiding place,” Neill told Angling Times.

“But I knew that if I just stuck at it with a fine, balanced approach then it would eventually slip up.”

Neill didn’t pinch any shot down his 3lb mainline that was tied directly to a size 18 hook, and used a length of lead wire to wrap around the base of his small loafer-style float.

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