39lb common carp from former Cardiff dock

Taking a gamble and starting a campaign earlier than anticipated paid off for Darren Charman when he netted this stunning 39lb common from a former dock in Cardiff.

The Nash field tester had been baiting  two areas at Atlantic Wharf with 20mm Scopex Squid Red boilies and had planned to keep feeding for at least another week before opening his account.

But perfect conditions one evening left Darren unable to resist the temptation any longer and an overnight stint was quickly pencilled in.

High winds of over 40mph battered his brolly during the session but enduring the uncomfortable weather proved worthwhile.

“Amazingly the fish was in the net within seconds, but once I looked down it truly was a sight to behold,” explained Darren.

“The venue is an old shopping dock of around 30 acres and it was once joined to the sea. It is getting a lot of attention at the moment - probably due to it being home to a near 40lb common.”

His successful rig incorporated a 15lb ‘combi link’, a 2oz lead and a size 6 Nash Fang hook that was finished with a 20 mm Nash Monster Squid boilie topped with a pineapple pop-up.

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