39lb 14oz common carp banked while filming

John Flewin smashed his personal best common with this last-gasp South West lump.

The Swansea rod made the trek to Emperor Lakes in Devon for a quick overnighter and was rewarded with the 39lb 14oz specimen just 20 minutes before he had to pack up.

The 30-year-old, who has just set up Tales Angling Media, bagged the new PB while shooting some video footage with Nash’s Alan Price.

John explained: “The bite came after Alan had said to leave it an hour before we have to go. Forty minutes later, the bobbin slowly lifted and the alarm gave two beeps. It then stopped and held, then dropped back once. I sat poised and waited, and it dropped again so I lifted the rod and wound down to the fish.

“At the start the fish was slow to react. As I slowly gained line on it, its head rolled and I honestly thought it was a small fish. With a tight clutch I got it two rod lengths from the bank and it started to really give it the beans. As it swam over the shallow gravel bar I could see it was a bigger fish.

“My PB common was 27lb and I could see I had beaten that. After more dogged scrapping I managed to slip her over the net cord.”

John used a single Innovate Baits Bana-Rama pop-up on a hinged stiff rig made with Vardis rig bits and cast to showing fish. He scattered 10 Innovate KK Steamies around the area.

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