38lb Frimley mirror for Jerry Hammond on his birthday

Zig rigs did the damage for Jerry Hammond as he banked this scaly beauty during a birthday session.

The Trakker-backed fishery boss caught the 38lb mirror alongside commons of 19lb and 28lb at Frimley Pit Three in Surrey.

He said: “All takes came on 4ft zigs cast to the back of a bar at 80 yards, hoping I would intercept them as they came along.

“The take from the mirror was typical for fishing locked up. With nowhere for the fish to go it would either kite or swim towards me.  This fish did swim towards me and I had to reel fast to eventually catch up with it. I said to Nigel Sharp who was with me, ‘this one is either a small fish or a big one that knows what it is doing’.

“Thankfully it was a big one that knew exactly where it was going. When it rolled close in I got a glimpse of all its jewels and knew I had landed a very special carp.

“This heavily scaled mirror was one of my target fish that I really wanted, and with it being my birthday weekend this was a great present.”