35lb Orchid Lake mirror for 'Crazy Pete'

A man who has lived on the banks of one of the UK’s most popular big carp waters for over two years has banked a 35lb 14oz mirror.

Since giving up work four years ago Pete Ralph has made his bivvy his home and for over two years he’s taken up permanent residence at Oxfordshire’s Orchid Lakes. And he put his knowledge of the venue to good use when he banked the cracking specimen.

The man, who’s locally known as ‘Crazy Pete’, fished a chod rig close to a set of lily pads over a bed of boilies produced by Blakes Fishing Bait Supplies.

He has a wife, two grown up children and a semi-detached house in Luton, but the accomplished angler, who has many big fish under his belt, prefers to spend his life in his bivvy and admits that catching fish is secondary to waking up by the lake every day and he goes weeks without even casting a line.

“I’m chuffed to bits with every carp I catch, but I’m not just there to catch. I love living this life because it’s so simple and I don’t want for anything,” Pete told Angling Times.

“I spent 50 years working really hard and I got the house, car and all of the material things I wanted then, but now I’m not interested in any of that. I just want to wake up with my dog next to the lake every morning. Fishing gives me everything I want.”

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