35lb 8oz mirror in a storm

This mid-thirty mirror put in appearance just 20 minutes into Alex Lister’s stormy three-hour session.

Braving winds of up to 80mph, the RH Fisheries employee bagged the fish known as Breeze Block at 35lb 8oz during an afternoon on the Avenue in Shropshire.

The fisheries manager also banked an upper double during his brief time on the bank.
RH boss Rob Hales explained: “It was Alex's day off and he did mention that he was planning to have an afternoon on the Avenue as he knew bite time was 2pm till 5pm.

“However, I was about to go around the fisheries and check for any storm damage such was the ferocity of the wind, gusting to 80 mph, so I was amazed and impressed that Alex was just setting up. He hadn't been fishing 20 minutes and he was in, and you could tell from the way the rod was nodding it was a good fish.

“It’s a lovely chunky mid-thirty and a fish I didn’t recognise. The most exciting aspect of fishery management is checking the albums to see which fish are which. This one was last caught in June 2012 at exactly 30lb.”

Alex, who snared a 19lb 8oz mirror at 5pm, added: “You can’t catch them at home!”