33lb common caught while stalking up a tree

This 33lb 12oz common was stalked from up a tree as Linch Hill gave up a pair of fish to Scott Lloyd.

The 25-year-old bagged the dark fish, and a 26lb 6oz mirror, while stalking on Stoneacres at the Oxfordshire complex.

He said: “Conditions couldn’t have been better for a bit of stalking – red-hot sun, light winds and high pressure.

“I eventually found some carp tucked away in a small bay often overlooked by most anglers.”

Scott fed Sticky Krill boilies into the area and watched as the common approached.
“The water clouded up and a large eruption bellowed under the surface as a large common tore away with the rig in tow! I clambered down the tree and was in contact with what looked like a good common. I waded down the margin to where my net was and the rest went like clockwork!”

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