2lb 7oz roach for Angling Times' Paul Garner

This pristine 2lb 7oz 8dr roach was a just reward for Angling Times’ Bait Doctor Paul Garner who made the three hour drive from his home in Redditch to fish a small southern reservoir.

With all of his other target winter venues closed because of the flooding, the Nash Peg One consultant decided to make the long journey for his first ever session on the venue in search of a 2lb-plus roach.

It proved to be the right decision as his first night on the water produced a 2lb 1oz specimen and several other fish to 1lb 12oz, all falling to helicopter rigs baited with double maggot hookbaits coated in a Nash Bait tangerine flavouring.

But after seeing big roach rolling in another area of the lake the next morning he packed up his gear and moved swims.

His decision was vindicated as after locating the bottom of a shelf at around 45 metres with the help of a marker float set-up, he used identical feeder tactics to the previous day to land his biggest specimen.

“With all of my other target venues either being flooded or too windy to fish it was an ideal opportunity to give the place a try and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise,” said Paul who used a 3lb fluorocarbon hooklink, a Kamasan Black Cap feeder and a size 18 hook.

“I was pretty pleased with the results of my first night, but seeing those big fish rolling about 200 yards further up the bank I just had to pack up and move. This cracking fish just shows that the move was worth it and you should never go against your gut instincts even if they mean a bit of effort.”