2lb 6oz roach from River Test with 'Passion' ace

Jez Brown had to contend with horrendous conditions on the River Test, but he was rewarded with this new personal best roach of 2lb 6oz.

The High Wycombe-based angler was joined by Passion for Angling star, Bob James, and Ray Pulford but the confidence of the trio instantly dropped when they arrived at the venue to find it heavily coloured and rising.

Despite having the odds stacked against them they located a slack area of water where they thought the fish might be shoaled up.

A large piece of breadflake was presented alongside a small feeder and it was instantly apparent that they had picked the perfect peg.

“We were getting indications from the off and during a three hour period we had at least 20 fish over the 1lb barrier, with Ray taking his best ever river roach of 1lb 12oz,” explained Jez.

But the limelight was soon switched to the Pallatrax Coarse Fishing team manager as the tip slowly edged round once again. He told Angling Times: “I had to coax each fish through a pool of very fast water and one bad move would almost certainly have led to the hook pulling out. Thankfully everything went to plan with the 2lb 6oz redfin and I was delighted to beat my previous best by 3oz.

“The rivers may be in a poor state at the moment but the fish have to lie up somewhere and if you can find them you can enjoy some fantastic sport,” he added.

His winning rig comprised of 3lb mainline, a two foot hooklink of the same strength and a size 12 Pallatrax hook.