2am trip pays off with 39lb 12oz common

A spur-of-the-moment 2am trip to his syndicate water paid off in style for Jim Wilson.

The Korda-backed rod cured his insomnia with a trip to Bundy’s Pit in Cambridgeshire and ended up with five bites and this 39lb 12oz common.

He explained: “I arrived well before first light, grabbed my low chair and my jacket from the motor and headed off with the warm service-station coffee. Struggling to keep my eyes open, I searched out signs of where to set my stall for the trip.

“I eventually heard a few fish show and just grabbed the day kit and set about getting a couple of rods sorted to see if I could encourage an early bite or two for the trip.

“Well, it worked, and around an hour and a half after casting two Milky Toffee pop-ups at showing fish I had a bite. After an initial few seconds everything went wrong and started grating, and sadly the main line parted.”

Jim managed to get his gear sorted again and banked a 21lb common on the same rod two hours later, before making his stay in the swim more permanent. However, having baited two margin spots with hemp, pellets and Mainline Hybrid boilies, Jim endured a biteless day and first night.

Having topped up the spots, he was eventually rewarded with the big one at 9.30pm on the second day. He said: “My right-hand rod pulled up tight and was nearly wrenched off the rests. After a hectic, frantic fight under the tip I landed what was clearly a massive common, and the scales confirmed it, settling at 39lb 12oz. I was absolutely blown away! I even managed a couple more during the night.”

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