28lb mirror carp on 6lb line!

David Phillips banked this 28lb 10oz mirror carp using just 6lb line while fishing his local stillwater in Leicestershire.

The new personal best took two pieces of polefished catmeat in the margins 10 minutes into the session.

A 15 minute fight followed and after keeping it away from a set of overhanging brambles he successfully netted the lake’s biggest resident.

David told Angling Times it was a fish he has wanted to catch for years.

“My friend caught it at 25lb and I’ve wanted to see it again ever since. Ironically I’d been out the day before to Linear Fisheries in Oxfordshire in pursuit of my first 20lb carp, which I achieved by just 4oz. Then I went to my local lake the day after and got this. In 24 hours I'd gone from having never caught a twenty to bagging two in two days!” he said.

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