240 pints of bait used in one session!

An incredible 160 pints of maggots and 80 pints of casters helped Lee Collings to bank this 41lb 9oz common from Linear Fisheries.

The 72-hour session on St John’s also feature other carp of 33lb 8oz, 27lb 9oz, 23lb and 20lb, along with two double-figure catfish.

Lee said: “I had decided to do something different from the norm and take 20 gallon of maggots and 10 gallon of casters, which cost me a small fortune as I had to pay for all my bait – no freebies!”

The Phat Fish-backed angler, who was shooting a promotional video for the clothing company at the time, fished at the far end of the Social Bank and targeted a raised weedy hump at 45 yards.

“I baited up with four gallons of maggots and casters to start with to hopefully let the fish clear the spot and topped the area up on a regular basis.

“The action started straight away with a two catfish and I was worried they might have spooked the carp out of the area. However, I was relieved when my next bite turned out to be a 27lb 9oz mirror.

“My next take a few hours later turned out to be The big common at 41lb 9oz – job done! The next 24 hours produced three other fish and I blanked for the final 24 hours even though I had fish showing over me. Unfortunately the spot was being ripped up and the fish were covering my rigs in weed making them infective. So all in all it was a good but frustrating session.”

Lee used size 4 Drennan Super Specialist Barbel hooks on long hooklinks and white Mainline Cell pop-ups topped with pink Evolution Maggotball Clusters.

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