200lb of tench in just 24 hours

Phil Spinks proved that specimen hunters and match anglers have a lot to learn from each other when he amassed a huge net of 31 tench for 200lb.

At this time of the year many big-fish anglers put their faith in ‘bait and wait’ tactics, but the Norfolk-based all-rounder adopted a little-and-often feeding approach to take his biggest haul of the year.

Moulding a light, fluffy groundbait mix around a Korum Method feeder, Phil re-cast every 30 minutes to gradually build up a bed of feed during his 24-hour session at a local gravel pit.

The action was so frantic that he was unable to keep two rods in the water as fish averaging just over 6lb found his three hair-rigged imitation casters too hard to resist.

By the end of his session he’d banked 31 fish with the best topping the scales at 7lb 1oz.

“Sometimes to catch lots of fish you have to think more like a match angler and build your swim slowly rather than just pile it in at the start,” Phil told Angling Times.
“If you were sitting down for a day’s feeder fishing you wouldn’t just cast out once and sit there until you got a bite. When you’re after a big bag you need to keep the feed going in regularly. Too many anglers use a method mix that’s way too lumpy and heavy, which doesn’t breakdown quickly enough, so that’s why I take the time to riddle my bait just like a match angler would - it’s these little things that can make a huge difference.”

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