16lb bream, 37lb carp and 10lb tench in one session!

An unfancied swim at Stanwick Lakes saw Trevor Gurney land a trio of fish which many specimen anglers could only dream of.

A 16lb 15oz bream, a 10lb 8oz tench and a 37lb common carp all graced the net of the Northants-based 43-year-old who just a month earlier broke the complex record with a 45lb 7oz carp.

The sensational haul, which also included a bream of 11lb 4oz and two upper-double figure carp, was taken from an area of the complex’s 8-acre Roman Lake which most anglers ignore.

All of the fish were tempted with a single Premier Matrix Plus boilie which he fished in a swim that he had pre-baited with a mixture of particles two days prior to his session.

“I haven’t been fishing since I broke the record with ‘The Colonel’ but when I returned I decided to target a swim on the lake where I knew nobody had been feeding the fish to see what would happen - it worked a treat!” Trevor said. “I am so chuffed with all the fish. A lot of carp anglers complain when they catch bream but I certainly wasn’t. They were both cracking looking fish and a slab of just one ounce under 17lb is a very special fish.”

Due to the amount of weed in the lake, Trevor used a drop-off inline lead system to prevent the fish snagging him up in the weed. This was fished in conjunction with a KD rig constructed with a 15lb Fox Coretex hooklink and a size 8 ESP Raptor hook.

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