16lb 5oz bream tops big haul from Tring Reservoir

Gary Walsh landed three bream for a combined weight of 42lb 9oz during a 48 hour session on the ultra-tough Tring Reservoir complex in Hertfordshire.

The biggest of the local rod’s hat-trick tipped the scales at a massive 16lb 5oz and smashed his previous best for the species of 14lb in the process.

Arriving just as the light was fading he located a spot at 85yds which he proceeded to bait with Sticky Bloodworm pellets, a tin of garlic flavoured sweetcorn and four pints of hemp.

The first night of his trip passed without event but the following evening he received a drop back bite. A short fight followed and he had only just put the fish in the retaining sling when he had a bite on his second rod which resulted in fish on 13lb 3oz and 13lb 1oz on the bank.

“It was a cracking brace and as it was only 10pm I decided to top up the swim with another 10 Spombs of bait,” Gary told Angling Times. “For two hours nothing happened and then just before midnight I had another drop-back on my boilie rod. After a steady fight I had the fish in the net, but it wasn’t until I went to lift her out that I realised how heavy it was.

“To say I was overjoyed is an understatement. I’ve been fishing Tring for the last couple of years and last season I only had two bream in total.”

Gary fished 12mm pop-up boilie hookbaits on one rod and a combination of fake and real corn on the other. Both were mounted on size 8 Drennan International Starpoint hooks and 8lb hooklinks fished helicopter style on 10lb mainline.

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