16lb 10oz bream in four fish haul

This huge 16lb 10oz bream topped a four fish haul for Allan Taylor during a 24 hour session on a Lincolnshire gravel pit.

The 47-year-old targeted a spot at 100yds in between two gravel bars and also landed slabs of 12lb 4oz, 10lb 8oz and 10lb 4oz during the productive trip.

The Lincolnshire-based handyman had been prebaiting the area twice a week for the past six weeks with a mixture of high and low oil pellets and then fished Method feeders filled with Betaine pellets over the top.

“I’ve been fishing the pit for bream for the last 14-years and this is the biggest I’ve had from there,” he told Angling Times. “Not only did the fish beat my previous best of 14lb 12oz it also broke the old lake record of 15lb 2oz.

“The lake is far from easy and a couple of years ago I did 40 nights for just four fish. It’s often the case that when you start catching a few and think you have ‘sussed’ it, the fish disappear.”

The first 14 hours of Allan’s passed without event but he then received a drop-back bite out of the blue.

“At 100yds range it’s hard to tell what size fish you are attached to, but once I got it closer it felt really heavy. Once it was in the net I knew it was going to be a new pb, but I had still had to weigh it three times just to make sure,” he added.

Allan’s winning presentation consisted of a short 3ins braided hooklink attached to a size 4 wide gape hook baited with a 12mm Mainline Baits Maple-8 Dumbell boilie.

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