15lb bream is a four-year best for Ted Bryan

Ted Bryan has continued his impressive run of form, landing his biggest bream for four years in the form of this 15lb 12oz specimen from a tough southern stillwater.

Following hot on the heels of a nine-fish haul topped by a slab of 12lb 12oz just a couple of weeks earlier, the Nash-backed specialist located a deep area and put out a bed of groundbait laced with pellets, maggots, hemp and corn to kick off a 48-hour session at a southern stillwater.

The Sydenham, London-based angler’s first night produced six bream, three of which were doubles, and the remaining trio tipped the scales at over 9lb, before the huge 15lb 12oz specimen rounded off his opening 24 hours. His final day of the trip saw a further five fish to 10lb 12oz visit the bank.

“I concentrated all of my feed and dropped both rods onto a spot that was around 15 feet deep because it had been really cold overnight,” said Ted. “Bizarrely, over my last few sessions I’ve noticed that the colder it is at night the harder they seem to feed. The water in the bottom of my cradle had even turned to ice when I had the 15lb 12oz fish!

“I also found that putting a few balls of groundbait out during the night helps to keep the fish over your baited area.”

Ted fed over 60 balls of groundbait during his session and his winning rigs comprised 2oz inline leads, 10lb mainline, 10lb Hardcore mono hooklinks and size 10 Nash Fang X hooks baited with two  hair-rigged 10mm Tandoori Spice pop-up boilies.

“I’ve had a great start to this campaign and I’m going to be having a good for the tench over the next few weeks as they’ve started showing on the water I’m targeting,” he added.

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