14 fish haul from Linear topped by 30lb 10oz mirror carp

Plan B paid off for Chris Morris as a change of lake at Linear Fisheries saw him rack up 16 takes in 36 hours.

In total he banked 14 fish from a busy Oxlease Lake, including eight twenties and this 30lb 10oz mirror.

Chris said: “I arrived Friday evening and first walked around Manor but it was clear that the areas I fancied were all taken and so I rapidly moved to plan B as time was against me.”

Having moved to Oxlease, Chris was initially inclined to follow a new south-westerly wind, but continued with a lap of the water.

“I reached the other side of the lake and fortunately spoke to a couple of lads as they were leaving. They told me they had just found a big group of fish stacked up on the back of the wind. I watched for a few minutes and it soon became clear that there were now hundreds of carp at this end. By this time the other end of the lake was filling up with anglers who had seen the fish show and my plan altered. Back of the wind it would be!”

Chris baited with 4kg of Mistral i40 boilies and was into a fish with 30 minutes. Over the next 36 hours he got through 15kg of boilies and two buckets of pellets and particles.
“I do like to use a lot of bait as when I’m at Linear once the fish arrive, but this was crazy.”

Having constant action throughout the weekend took its toll and Chris fell asleep in his swim on Sunday lunchtime. He said: “When I woke I realised that during the last 36 hours I had managed 16 takes resulting in an arm-aching five doubles, eight twenties, plus a fat 30lb 10oz. Not a bad result for a fall-back water with a swim chosen on a late Friday evening!”

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