11-fish hit topped by 33lb 8oz linear carp

Popular Farlows Lake gave Bryson Bell an incredible session that saw him run out of bait.

The Essex angler banked this corking 33lb 8oz linear known as Crinkle Tail during a 37-hour session that saw him bank a further 10 fish.

The biggest of the back-up fish went 23lb and the 21-year-old lost four other carp due to heavy weed at the Buckinghamshire venue.

Bryson fished to the edge of a weed bed 40yrds out and fed Sticky Krill boilies with matching white pop-ups soaked in Krill Liquid over the top.

He said: “I had 15 bites in 37 hours and landed 11 due to very thick weed in front of me. The biggest was the 33lb 8oz linear known as Crinkle Tail which is a very special capture for me and I was overjoyed.

“The fish were absolutely loving the bait and I ran out!”

Bryson’s successful rigs were naked chod setups made with 25lb Korda Mouthtrap, size 4 ACE Chod hooks and 1.5oz leads. The fish were tamed on 3.5lb Free Spirit Hi S rods, Daiwa SS3000 reels and 14lb Ultima Power Carp mainline.

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