100lb net of bream on 40 feederfuls of bait

It’s common knowledge that bream love windy conditions and this was proved by Dan Sales when he banked this fine brace of slabs which was part of a near 100lb haul.

The Fox-backed specialist from Hertfordshire, targeted a reservoir in Bedfordshire and built up his swim with 40 feederfuls of Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Method Mix laced with pellets and maggots.

He punched out a simple rig baited with two dead and one live grub to land 16 fish between 4lb and 7lb 8oz.

“It was blowing a gale right into my face, but I knew this was the place to be and the swim was solid with fish,” said Dan.

“Seeing the indications on the tip in these conditions was the main problem as I must have missed as many bites as I caught fish. The secret was getting a bed of bait down with the feeder before I even thought about making the first proper cast of the day.

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