'Spybaiting' to hit UK waters

A new lure fishing technique which has already taken the US and Japan by storm could be heading to the UK.

Spybaiting, or ‘silent capture’ as it is also known, has become hugely successful among bass anglers but it is thought the technique could also be a hit in this country as proven by the growing popularity of other foreign born lure methods such as drop-shotting.

Originally invented in Japan, the unique method involves making long casts with specifically designed lures which travel silently through the lower layers of the water like submarines, giving the technique its name. The quick sinking lures are built with spinning propellers at each end that produce a strong pulse as they whiz through the water to help attract predators.

Duo Realis, a US-based firm who design and produce the special lures required for the method, recommend that anyone wishing to try them should follow a few simple steps to make them work. David Swendseid, expert bass angler and Product and Operations Manager for the company, said: “Pike and zander have already been caught using this method so there is no reason it wouldn’t work in the UK. However, you must use fairly light fluorocarbon line as mono or braid tend to float and reduce the effect. You also need to be able to cast a long distance of say 100-yards to get the maximum effect from the retrieve.”

England Lure Fishing Squad Member Sam Edmonds has already ordered a set of the lures and can’t wait to give the technique a try. “The heavily pressured lakes in Japan are the birthplace of many fantastic finesse lure fishing tactics, such as the drop-shot rig,” he said. “I'm always on the lookout for new, evolving methods which I can add to my arsenal and Spybaiting certainly looks interesting and worth a try here.”