40lb mirror carp from Nottinghamshire stillwater

Picture a carp in its winter colours and you would probably conjure up the 40-pounder being held here by Nick Burrage.

The Gardner and Nutrabaits-backed angler tempted this 40lb 9oz mirror during a chilly session at a Nottinghamshire water.

The Shropshire rod said: “Turning up to a cold, windswept lake, with temperatures taken right down by the wind chill, I had a feeling the carp would be somewhere on the back of the wind.

“After a very quick bite in the shape of a 28lb fully scaled mirror just as the light was fading, I got talking to a friend and, the way the liners were coming, we were saying a lump was well and truly on the cards.”

After a quiet night, Nick began boiling his kettle for the first coffee of the day when one of his alarms let out a fast series of bleeps before falling silent.

“As I stood by the rods I watched carefully and saw a slight twitch as the bobbin tried its best to settle again. Not taking any chances, I picked the rod up to be greeted by a surge of power running the other way, stripping line and trying to hide in the nearest weed bed.

“I was soon playing a fish along with a clump of weed. With the line grating as it made contact with snail shells and the like, the soaked weed made the whole battle a bit of a nervous one.

“After uncovering my prize through the mountain of weed, I was over the moon to see her dark flanks catching the morning light!”

Nick fished Nutrabaits Trigga Ice boilies at 40 yards and used a snowman rig made with 20lb Gardner Trickster and a size 6 Wide Gap Talon Tip hook.

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18lb 9oz barbel smashes River Rother record

The River Rother barbel record has been smashed with the capture of an 18lb 9oz specimen.

The fish, caught by Ian Duffy, was banked from a Petworth and Bognor Angling Club controlled stretch of the Sussex waterway.

Amazingly, the Littlehampton-based rod only started targeting the species a year ago but his latest catch – which is also believed to be the biggest barbel to be recorded in the county - has seen him achieve what many big fish hunters wait a lifetime for.

Arriving at first light, he cast a running feeder filled with small halibut pellets and groundbait into a narrow swim and received the all-important bite just 20 minutes.

He told Angling Times: “I only joined the club this season so haven’t been fishing the river very long. I am so glad I joined, though, they have done so much work to improve the venue and have also been great by helping me to catch this superb fish – I’m totally hooked on barbel fishing now and have got a few other rivers in mind which I’m planning on targeting.”

The fish, which was weighed and witnessed by fellow club member Tom Beirne, is thought to have originally come from the nearby River Arun but could have entered the Rother during last year’s floods or via the new Environment Agency fish pass at Hardham which allows fish to pass between the two rivers.

Anyone wishing to join the club and fish both the Rother and Arun should visit their website at: www.sussexangling.co.uk.

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300lb Mako shark found in Wales

Expert have been left baffled after a deadly 10ft shark was found washed up on a beach in North Wales, thousands of miles from its natural habitat.

The 300lb dead Mako shark, which was found with significant wound marks down its flank, was discovered by fishermen on Barmouth Beach in Gwynedd, a popular UK tourist destination. Dozens of stunned locals and holiday makers turned up to take photographs of the huge predator, with one member of the public even leaving it a bunch of flowers.

Known as the fastest shark in the world, makos normally feed on squid or fish such as mackerel and tuna but they are a threatened species usually found in tropical waters like the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea.

Shark fishing expert David Turner told Angling Times: “It is a female mako which is extremely rare in UK waters, only three out of 65 ever caught have been females. I don’t think it had been dead long before it was found as it still had the ‘metallic blue’ sheen which usually fades an hour or so after death.”

He added: “I also don’t think it was attacked by something bigger, the marks look like they have been made by a swordfish as swordfish is a favourite food of mako's but sometimes the swordfish comes out best in the conflict.”

An autopsy undertaken on the shark has since revealed a recently ingested harbour porpoise in its stomach but why the fish died remains a mystery.

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Two 3lb-plus perch in one session from the Great Ouse

After setting himself the target of catching a 3lb-plus river perch, James Armstrong achieved his goal twice in two sessions.

Taking a couple of days off work, the JAG Products media manager targeted a stretch of the Great Ouse and settled for a swim where he could trot a float over to a set of overhanging willows.

Feeding red maggots over a lobworm hookbait he caught several fish to 1lb 8oz before hooking in to a 3lb 2oz specimen.

The following day he headed to a deeper swim further along the stretch and fished a lobworm in conjunction with a maggot feeder. After catching steadily from the off he hooked in to something much more powerful in the afternoon.

He said: “At first I thought it was a chub but when I saw a bright red tail break the surface I knew it had to be a perch – and the biggest I’d ever seen at that. At 3lb 15oz it was a true river giant.”

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8lb chub for teenager

A teenager from Nottinghamshire has banked one of the biggest chub of the season in the form of this 8lb specimen.

Ryan Donnelly (16) from Clifton braved a heavy frost on undisclosed section of the River Trent near his home to land the huge fish which fell to a prototype Stotabaits 18mm Grandad’s Feet boilie Feeding his swim via a PVA bag filled with crumbled baits, Ryan had to wait until the early morning when he was awoken by a screaming run as the fish duly tested his running rig made up of 18lb mono fished straight through to a Drennan Specialist size 8 hook.

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World pike record shaken

This enormous 52lb 9oz (24kg) pike was caught from Holland last week and shook the world record for the species.

It fell to Dutch angler Jelle De Jong and measured 121.5cm long, having been hooked while boat fishing a huge water. A video of the specimen was also taken showing the length and weights being taken. The official global best pike, as recognised by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), is a 55lb 1oz fish (25kg) from Germany in 1986 by Lothar Louis. However a few pike claimed to be over 60lb have been reported and photographed, including another German fish of 67lb, plus one at 63lb from Poland. 

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Giant zander from the River Severn

A quest to land a British record zander gathered momentum this week when Gary Bagley boated this huge 18lb 4oz fish from the River Severn.

The 56-year-old, from Stourport – who doesn’t fish for any other species - has now banked three fish over the 18lb-mark and his latest specimen came just after darkness on his local waterway.

This single-minded approach to his fishing has seen him gain an in-depth understanding of the resident zander’s feeding patterns which allowed him to position his legered coarse deadbait on size 8 trebles in the right place at the right time.

“It’s a real dream of mine to beat the current British record of 21lb 5oz that was caught from this river in 2007. I never lose sight of what I’ve achieved already, though, as three fish over 18lb is mind-blowing,” Gary told Angling Times.

“As soon as I lifted the rod I knew it was a special fish and even though I’ve caught lots of big zander, nothing can ever completely prepare you for the awesome sight of a big zander as its eyes reflect menacingly in the light of the head torch.”

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Short session produces brace of 30lb-plus carp

Focusing on short sessions has given Josh Jones a string of big fish from a low-stock southern park lake.

The 24-year-old student has taken a 33lb 8oz mirror and a 33lb 4oz common in three eight-hour sessions that have also yielded commons of 28lb 4oz and 18lb 4oz.

The Londoner said: “In those three nights I managed five takes with four landed. The common was a personal-best common and came a couple of days after my birthday, which was a nice touch.”

Josh fished Sticky Krill and Pineapple & N-butyric pop-ups on combi rigs over a spread of boilies around weed at long range.

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Midnight start pays off with 42lb mirror carp

A decision to head off fishing at midnight paid off for Geert Ooms in the shape of this 42lb mirror.

The Belgian angler noticed perfect weather conditions after a night out with his wife and was given her blessing to head off in search of carp.

He said: “In the pitch black I set up in a swim that had not produced the previous week, but with the wind and rain forecast there was a decent chance of a fish or two moving towards this area so I just had to give it a try.”

Shortly after first light, Geert, who used Solar Chilli Club boilies, got the bite and tamed the fish after a 10-minute battle. He said: “On the mat I stared at this immaculate fish with four big scales sitting nicely in a row on one flank.”

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Pristine common in icy conditions

Temperatures down to -4c and a lake that hadn’t produced a fish for nearly two months didn’t stop Craig Runham from bagging this pristine common.

The Berkshire angler travelled to a local syndicate water more in hope than expectation, but came away with the beautiful 27-pounder.

The Korda and Mainline-backed angler said: “It was a dreary December day and the forecast did little to raise my enthusiasm, with the coldest night of the year ahead of me.

“After three laps of the lake I had nothing at all to go on. There was a cold north-easterly blowing across the lake so I decided to set up on the back of the wind fishing into the calmer water.”

Craig found two spots – one in 14ft at the base of a gravel bar and one a foot deeper in silt – and baited with maggots and washed-out Cell boilies.

With ice forming on the bivvy by 6pm, Craig endured a cold and biteless night.

“It was around 7.30am when my middle rod’s bobbin became unstuck from its frozen position on the ground and rose by a couple of inches. I was quickly above the rod when the bobbin lifted again and I watched the line cutting up through the clear margins.

“I picked up the icy blank and was met with no resistance. I tried winding down instantly but the line was frozen in the line clip on the rod. After a few nerve-racking seconds I freed the tangle and the fish woke up and almost pulled the rod from my numb hands.

“As the fish rolled into the mesh a large grin came across my face as I knew how lucky I had been, given the weather.”

Craig fished chod rigs made with 25lb Mouth Trap and the new Heli Safe lead-release system.

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Double celebration at Shropshire syndicate

A fishing trip to celebrate having a plaster cast removed and his 30th birthday yielded two fine twenties for Matt Wilding.

Six weeks after breaking his wrist, and a few days after his birthday, Matt was back on his Shropshire syndicate to bank a 29lb 11oz common and a 26lb 8oz mirror.

He said: “I have been a member of this syndicate since April and was yet to wet a line, so I decided that I would finally fish it. 

“I was made up with the result and new blood on my syndicate. It was also a great belated birthday present.”

Matt spread 3kg of Baitcraft Savay Salmon boilies over a film silt patch at 60yds and fished chod rigs over the top.

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Long haul rewarded with 35lb mirror from Linch Hill

Park ranger Paul Webber made the trek up from Devon to Oxfordshire to catch this pretty Linch Hill mirror.

The 32-year-old snared the 35lb 6oz fish from Christchurch at the popular day-ticket complex.

Paul, from Honiton, targeted a silty area about 60 yards from the bank and baited with crumbed-up Sticky Krill boilies and maggots. His hookbait was a 12mm Krill dumbbell presented on a size 8 ACE Razor Point hook and a length of 25lb Black Deception hooklink material.

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Big bonus as banker bags Scar at 49lb

Banker Frank Cunningham got a Christmas bonus in the shape of this 49lb 2oz mirror from Kingsmead One in Berkshire.

The weekend-only angler benefitted from fishing away from other carpers to land the new personal best, which is known as Scar.

The 57-year-old said: “Working all week, I’ve been arriving late on a Friday evening and tending not to follow the crowd and doing my own thing. Last weekend was no different. The kennel end of the lake was quite busy so I decided to fish where the least angling pressure was, and this just happened to be on the back of the wind.

“After settling in I found a lovely silt spot at the back of a piece of gravel and was rewarded at 7.30am the next morning with the awesome Scar Mirror at a new pb of 49lb 2oz. What a fish! I must say a big thank you to Alistair and Jamie Gold for their help with the taking of the picture – as luck would have it my camera decided to pack up!

Frank added: “I’ve been doing really well on the tactic of seeking out the quieter swims and areas, and have also landed the Moonscale mirror at 43lb 12oz earlier in the year.”

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Match results 20th/21st December



Bait-Tech/Frenzee Hayfield Lakes

Little & Big Adam’s Lakes (18 pegs)

Result: 1 S Sanders, Highgate AC, 125-4-0; 2 J Wilde, Colmic, 121-13-0; 3 G Wilde, Fishing Republic, 71-9-0; 4 R Fowler, Fishing Republic, 68-11-0; 5 M Bissel, Angel AC, 54-9-0.

Brookside Fisheries

Snake Lake (26 pegs)

Result: 1 N Butterworth, Cheshire Angling, 35-4-0; 2 Stu Conroy, Kamasan/Sensas, 31-10-0; 3 M Pleavin, Lionel’s Tackle, 30-10-0; 4 T Barlow, Maver NW, 30-0-0; 5 Steve Conroy, Drennan NW, 23-2-0; 6 C Blakeley, Garbolino Elton, 22-2-0.

Climax Wold View Fishery Vets (Tues)

Ultimate Lake (18 pegs)

Result: 1 C Withers, Wold View, 16-12-0; 2 D Ruffle, Wold View, 9-4-0; 3 K Hill, Wold View, 6-8-0.

Climax Wold View Fishery

Gold Lake (15 pegs)

Result: 1 G Chapman, Wold View, 21-4-0; 2 C Mack, Hull Angling Centre, 20-0-0; 3 R Bryant, Wold View, 15-12-0.

Cudmore Fisheries

Arena & New Pool 1 (17 pegs)

Result: 1 S Jones, Team Cudmore, 66-3-0; 2 B Gilchrist, Team Cudmore, 63-11-0; 3 A Rogers, Team Cudmore, 61-6-0.

Highfield Fisheries Over 60’s (Fri)

Beech Lake (16 pegs)

Result: 1 T Shields, Ted Carter Preston, 13-12-0; 2 N Cox, Highfield, 13-4-0; 3 P Connelly, Rochdale Angling, 10-0-0; 4 T Clark, Ted Carter Preston, 8-10-0.

Highfield Fisheries Over 60’s Rover (Weds)

Oak & Beech Lakes (12 pegs)

Result: 1 K Anderton, Highfield, 18-12-0; 2 T Shields, Ted Carter Preston, 18-4-0; 3 P Smith, Fylde Angling, 16-8-0.

High Heyes Fishery Rover

All lakes (10 pegs)

Result: 1 P Banks, Izaak’s MG, 16-6-0; 2 I Blakeley, Matrix Leigh Tackle & Bait, 14-8-0; 3 C Gorrell, Ted Carter Southport, 10-0-0.

Lingmere Fishery Over 50’s (Weds)

Both lakes (17 pegs)

Result: 1 J Tatton, Chester Tackle Locker, 70-3-0; 2 I Hughes, Egremont Ferry, 62-11-0; 3 M Turley, Lingmere, 50-12-0; 4 G Edwards, Lobol AC, 50-0-0.

Lingmere Fishery Christmas Match

Both lakes (24 pegs)

Result: 1 T Moran, Vine Baits, 37-0-0; 2 S Openshaw, Lingmere Tackle, 36-4-0; 3 J Hughes, Maver/Bag ‘Em Baits, 34-12-0; 4 J Power, Cammell Lairds, 31-12-0.

Meadow View Fisheries OAP & Disabled (Thurs)

Linnet Pool (19 pegs)

Result: 1 R Hignett, Shaw’s Tackle, 33-9-0; 2 D Ockwell, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 27-0-0; 3 S Leith, Meadow View, 18-0-0; 4 P Barwell, Widnes Angling Centre, 17-10-0.

Meadow View Fisheries OAP & Disabled (Tues)

Lark Pool (19 pegs)

Result: 1 T Lovatt, Gilder’s Tackle, 71-7-0; 2 R Hignett, Shaw’s Tackle, 37-12-0; 3 D Williams, Team Dallam, 24-4-0; 4 P Barwell, Widnes Angling Centre, 14-10-0.

Mirfield AC Calder & Canals League

Aire & Calder Canal, Altofts (44 pegs)

Result: 1 D Wilkinson, Selby, 20-5-0; 2 T Rymer, Leeds, 11-7-0; 3 G Jones, Maver Newman Scott Quaker, 8-9-0; 4 M Highe, Mirfield Willy Worms, 8-0-0; 5 P Close, Mosella Quaker, 5-15-0; 6 I Newby, Bradford No 1 AA, 5-0-0.

League: 1 N Hirst, 70pts; 2 D Armitage, 69; 3 M Highe, 65; 4 I Newby, 63.

Mouncey League (final round)

River Ancholme, Brigg (22 pegs)

Result: 1 W Easter, Scunthorpe, 15-10-0; 2 S Richardson, Scunthorpe, 10-12-0; 3 P Dimmock, Scunthorpe, 9-11-0; 4 D Padley, Brigg, 8-8-0; 5 G Tock, Selby, 8-6-0; 6 A Houlton, Lincs County, 8-4-0.

Final league: 1 S Williamson, 53pts; 2 R Pulford, 52; 3 W Easter, 50.

Northallerton DAC

River Swale, Scruton (27 pegs)

Result: 1 B Stephenson, Darlington, 11-9-0; 2 P Miller, Aireborough, 9-4-0; 3 P Bendelow, Woodland Tackle, 5-9-0; 4 K Warburton, Northallerton, 5-2-0.

Oaks Lakes

Cedar Lake (17 pegs)

Result: 1 C Hall, The Oaks, 40-8-0; 2 D Smith, Bait-Tech, 33-5-0; 3 B Poland, The Oaks, 28-11-0; 4 R Minikin, Sonu Baits, 27-0-0; 5 D Birdsall, The Oaks, 24-12-0; 6 L Hawksworth, Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre, 23-3-0.

Oaks Lakes (Weds)

Ash, Beech & Sycamore Lakes (10 pegs)

Result: 1 I Bayley, Woodland Tackle, 78-1-0; 2 C Hall, The Oaks, 47-12-0; 3 B Poole, The Oaks, 25-4-0; 4 L Hawksworth, Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre, 16-3-0.

Oaks Lakes (Thurs)

Cedar Lake (16 pegs)

Result: 1 C Hall, The Oaks, 55-11-0; 2 M Bailey, Garbolino Elton, 49-5-0; 3 R Minikin, Sonu Baits, 44-9-0; 4 L Hawksworth, Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre, 42-8-0.

Old Bank AC (Weds)

Battyford Canal (15 pegs)

Result: 1 M Taylor, Matrix Halifax, 9-2-0; 2 C Lees, Calder Anglers, 4-14-0; 3 P Duffy, Tri-Cast Calder, 4-2-0; 4 S Wain, Matrix Halifax, 3-1-0; 5 K Marshall, Tri-Cast Calder, 2-10-0; 6 T Barlow, Maver NW, 2-4-0.

Old Hough Fishery (Tues)

Boulders & Goose Lakes (14 pegs)

Result: 1 B Clarke, Old Hough, 22-13-0; 2 M Dawes, Old Hough, 19-15-0; 3 K Knight, Old Hough, 17-10-0; 4 P Johnson, Old Hough, 17-7-0; 5 B Morris, Old Hough, 15-13-0.

Old Hough Fishery

Upper & Lower Benbo Lakes (21 pegs)

Result: 1 C Jackson, Old Hough, 24-3-0; 2 M Rowlands, Old Hough, 23-0-0; 3 R Rawsthorne, Ashton Angling Supplies, 22-13-0; 4 M Pass, Old Hough, 20-11-0; 5 I Illingworth, Old Hough, 19-9-0; 6 D Booth, Tri-Cast, 16-15-0.

Partridge Lakes Winter League (round five)

Covey Canal Lakes (44 pegs)

Result: 1 M Rogerson, Preston Innovations/Ashton Angling Supplies, 61-4-0; 2 S Parry, Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech, 60-15-0; 3 P Coyle, Preston Innovations, 58-5-0; 4 M Reed, Garbolino Elton, 50-14-0; 5 M Kearney, Tri-Cast Highfield, 44-8-0; 6 D Shaw, Maver NW, 43-1-0.

Teams: 1 Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech, 14pts; jt2 Garbolino Elton and Team Horse, both 14.

League: 1 Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech, 68pts; 2 Garbolino Elton, 79; 3 Team Horse, 84.

Partridge Lakes

Covey Canal Lakes 5 & 6 (21 pegs)

Result: 1 G Mannion, Partridge Lakes, 28-4-0; 2 J Jones, Garbolino Elton, 27-14-0; 3 D Brown, Pocklers AC, 27-10-0; 4 G Lindsay, Low Hills AC, 23-4-0; 5 A Dawson, Rochdale Angling Centre, 22-4-0; 6 F Prudent, Partridge Lakes, 22-3-0.

Partridge Lakes Rover (Thurs)

All lakes (25 pegs)

Result: 1 P Mahoney, Dino Floats/Bait-Tech, 79-10-0; 2 L Addy, Drennan NW, 55-6-0; 3 R Rigby, Gilder’s Tackle, 55-5-0; 4 S Walsh, Partridge Lakes, 53-10-0.

Partridge Lakes OAP & Disabled (Mon)

Spey & Marsh Canal Lakes (17 pegs)

Result: 1 R Kinsella, Widnes Angling Centre, 68-1-0; 2 J Ormisher, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 31-11-0; 3 E Battersby, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 28-9-0; 4 D Brighouse, Izaak Walton, 26-3-0.

Partridge Lakes (Tues)

Spey, Willow & Piper Lakes (26 pegs)

Result: 1 J Cheetham, Widnes Angling Centre, 48-5-0; 2 T Worrall, St Helen’s Angling, 41-1-0; 3 A Bennett, Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech, 37-11-0; 4 M Rogerson, Preston Innovations/Ashton Angling Supplies, 32-14-0.

Partridge Lakes OAP & Disabled (Weds)

Covey Canal Lakes (58 pegs)

Result: 1 S Kelly, Ray’s Tackle, 30-10-0; 2 D Olly, Olly Motors, 27-0-0; 3 A Hughes, Partridge Lakes, 23-13-0; 4 R Busfield, Partridge Lakes, 21-12-0.

St Helen’s AA (Mon)

Carr Mill Dam (14 pegs)

Result: 1 D Allsop, St Helen’s Angling, 13-10-0; 2 G Rigby, St Helen’s, 10-9-0; 3 L Addy, Drennan NW, 10-1-0. 

Thornhill AC

Calder & Hebble Canal, Dewsbury (15 pegs)

Result: 1 M Sharpe, Thornhill AC, 4-5-0; 2 A Turner, Slaithwaite DAC, 2-7-0; 3 L Simpson, Tri-Cast Calder, 1-12-0; 4 R Haigh, Thornhill AC, 1-7-0; 5 F Harrison, Sensas Walton, 1-1-0; 6 D James, Thornhill AC, 0-7-0.

Viking Fishery

Hawk Pond (13 pegs)

Result: 1 T Davis, Hemsworth, 72-12-0; 2 K Squires, Hull, 42-3-0; 3 R Summerscales, Ossett, 38-0-0; 4 L Fenwick, Howden, 28-1-0; 5 G Watson, Viking, 22-3-0; 6 S Conlon, Viking, 17-2-0.

Wigan DAA (Weds)

Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Wigan Pier (21 pegs)

Result: 1 D Wells, Tri-Cast Rochdale, 11-9-12; 2 J Nicholson, Chorley MG, 5-4-12; 3 L Williams, Hindley MG, 4-7-8; 4 S Wharton, Gidlow MG, 3-15-0; 5 M Hargreaves, Bolton, 3-11-8; 6 J Hall, Bolton, 3-3-8.

Wigan DAA

Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Heaton’s Bridge (24 pegs)

Result: 1 G Marchant, Wigan MG, 3-6-0; 2 C Cliffe, Ted Carter Preston, 3-1-2; 3 S Wilson, Lancs MG, 2-15-12; 4 C Sharples, Hindley MG, 2-11-0; 5 A Whalley, Sensas NW, 2-9-4; 6 S Wharton, Gidlow MG, 2-8-12.

Woodland Lakes,

Skylark & Wagtail Lakes (27 pegs)

Result: 1 V O’Connor, Woodland Tackle, 50-12-0; 2 A Dargue, Mosella Quaker, 41-10-0; 3 D Hudson, Woodland Tackle, 21-0-0; 4 C Tidball, Woodland Tackle, 19-15-0; 5 K Golightly, Woodland Tackle, 19-13-0.

Woodland Lakes Over 50’s (Mon)

Partridge & Wagtail Lakes (18 pegs)

Result: 1 J Donald, Woodland Tackle, 35-6-0; 2 J Kent, Woodland Tackle, 19-7-0; 3 K Fryatt, Woodland Tackle, 19-6-0; 4 P Fletcher, Woodland Tackle, 12-0-0.

Woodland Lakes (Weds)

Skylark & Kestrel Lakes (23 pegs)

Result: 1 J Gadd, Woodland Tackle, 74-0-0; 2 J Taylor, RSPS, 48-0-0; 3 J Maddison, Mosella Quaker, 46-12-0; 4 V O’Connor, Woodland Tackle, 44-0-0.


Alvechurch Fishery (Thurs)

Horseshoe Lake (16 pegs)

Result: 1 M Workman, Alvechurch, 72-1-0; 2 S Edwards, J & P Tackle, 71-8-0; 3 R Stone, Alvechurch, 53-15-0; 4 D Kennedy, Alvechurch, 46-4-0; 5 L Davis, Alvechurch, 39-10-0; 6 L Ayres, Alvechurch, 33-1-0.

Barford Lakes Rover

Match & Plesasure Lakes (22 pegs)

Result: Jt1 M Hendry, Dereham and T Bollingbroke, Attleborough, both 70-15-0; 3 D Cooper, Norwich, 55-6-0; jt4 B Smith, Stalham and B Bygraves, Norwich DAA, both 51-9-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery

Bridge Pool (14 pegs)

Result: 1 P Bagshaw, Team Frenzee, 69-12-0; 2 A Sellars, R&R Sports, 62-10-0; 3 M Jackson, Sheffield, 52-1-0; 4 T Butt, Sheffield, 32-4-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery Veterans Winter League (Thurs)

Moat Pool (28 pegs)

Result: 1 A Payling, Peg One Angling Centre, 63-8-0; 2 D Clegg, DJK Floats, 55-7-0; 3 P Bagshaw, Team Frenzee, 46-4-0; 4 S Twigg, Leegem Angling, 43-13-0; 5 D Owen, New Packet Inn, 38-9-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery Veterans (Mon)

Bridge Pool (12 pegs)

Result: 1 D Sellars, Sheffield, 43-8-0; 2 D Sewell, James Maude Linden, 39-2-0; 3 R Brooks, Leegem Angling, 27-14-0.

Decoy Lakes (Tues)

Beastie Lake (23 pegs)

Result: 1 T Dawson, Bait-Tech, 80-3-0; 2 R Pauley, JVAC, 46-8-0; 3 N Baxter, Bag ‘Em Baits, 44-10-0; 4 R Goodson, Decoy, 40-4-0.

Decoy Lakes

Beastie Lake (14 pegs)

Result: 1 S Pell, Spalding, 59-15-0; 2 N Baxter, Bag ‘Em Baits, 45-10-0; 3 D Carlton, Decoy, 40-4-0; 4 A Bates, Bait-Tech, 30-10-0.

Janson’s Fishery Santa Special (Weds)

All lakes (42 pegs)

Result; 1 P Elvin, Janson’s, 82-8-0; 2 K Dale Janson’s, 62-3-0; 3 R Smith, Janson’s, 56-1-0; 4 A Bullimore Janson’s, 51-15-0; 5 G Edwards, Janson’s, 51-8-0; 6 B Sandom, Janson’s, 42-12-0.

Janson’s Fishery (Thurs)

Donut & Tomo’s Pools (18 pegs)

Result: 1 J Larder, Janson’s, 91-0-0; 2 E Waterfall, Carlton, 69-13-0; 3 K Daws, Mansfield, 64-12-0; 4 J Brocklesby, Janson’s, 59-12-0; 5 B Blewitt, Janson’s, 43-6-0; 6 C Mason, Janson’s, 38-10-0.

Janson’s Fishery

Donut & Tomo’s Pools (14 pegs)

Result: 1 B Blewitt, Janson’s, 51-1-0; 2 S Draper, Lakeview Select, 43-6-0; 3 P Orton, Janson’s, 40-6-0; 4 N Ballaam, Grantham, 37-12-0; 5 G Woodcock, Middy, 26-13-0; 6 R Bexon, Janson’s, 20-7-0.

Little John Lakes (Weds)

Robin Hood & Maid Marion Lakes (22 pegs)

Result: 1 S Keyworth, Little John, 72-5-0; 2 M Wesselby, Little John, 61-12-0; 3 R Marlow, Little John, 55-9-0; 4 G Westwater, Bag ‘Em Baits/MAP, 41-9-0; 5 G Eden, Mansfield, 41-2-0; 6 G James, Little John, 30-2-0.

Little John Lakes Vets (Fri)

Friar Tuck Lake (22 pegs)

Result: 1 G Eden, Mansfield, 37-4-0; 2 P Tatley, Little John, 15-8-0; 3 M Kirkland, Notts, 13-4-0; 4 S Keyworth, Little John, 12-14-0; 5 M Smith, Woodhouse Angling Centre, 11-11-0; 6 G Bennett, MAP Mansfield, 11-0-0.

Little John Lakes Fur & Feather

Robin Hood & Maid Marion Lakes (25 pegs)

Result: 1 G Kitchener, Little John, 35-13-0; 2 M Crewe, Little John, 35-12-0; 3 S Keyworth, Little John, 27-4-0; 4 G Westwater, Bag ‘Em Baits/MAP, 26-5-0; 5 D Crewe, Little John, 23-0-0; 6 J Smedley, Little John, 15-4-0.

Manor Farm Leisure

Boundary & Middle Pools (15 pegs)

Result: 1 S Partington, Arthur’s Angling Supplies, 30-4-0; 2 C Woodward, Smithy’s Angling, 27-8-0; 3 N McKinnon, Preston Innovations, 24-8-0; 4 F Donachie, Colmic Airon, 22-6-0.

Moorlands Farm

Bank, Moors & Island Pools (29 pegs)

Result: 1 M Henshall, Foster’s, 52-8-0; 2 C Munslow, Moorlands, 44-3-0; 3 P Hadlington, Club 2000, 42-14-0; 4 J Bagley, Steven’s Tackle, 37-9-0; 5 C Hill, Mosella, 33-2-0; 6 D Williams, Halesowen RBL, 31-1-0.

Moorlands Farm (Tues)

Silver Pool (16 pegs)

Result: 1 B Tandy, Moorlands, 69-0-0; 2 M Watson, Daiwa Gordon League, 66-4-0; 3 B Drew, Bewdley, 44-12-0.

Moorlands Farm (Weds)

Bank & Island Pools (18 pegs)

Result: 1 M Watson, Daiwa Gordon League, 79-11-0; 2 R Phillips, Moorlands, 39-4-0; 3 P Bailey, Moorlands, 21-0-0.

Nathan’s of Derby Silverfish League (round five)

Rycroft Fishery (30 pegs)

Result: 1 R Wootton, Shimano/Dynamite Baits, 26-0-0; 2 P Cooke, Derby, 23-0-0; 3 W Swinscoe, Drennan/Bait-Tech, 16-11-0; 4 A Taft, Nathan’s of Derby, 15-4-0; 5 D Lawrence, Mill Tackle, 13-6-0.

League: 1 R Wootton, 84-0-0; 2 A Taft, 78-0-0; 3 M Hall, 65-13-0; 4 J Eccles, 60-0-0; 5 P Turner, 58-6-0.

Nisa (Weds)

Dynamite Baits Makin’s Fishery, Lake 2 (16 pegs)

Result: 1 I Hughes, Browning Central, 21-6-0; 2 T Sanderson, Angling Man, 11-10-0; 3 J Adamson, Nisa Feeders, 8-10-0.

Nisa (Thurs)

Dynamite Baits Makin’s Fishery, Lagoon Pool (26 pegs)

Result: 1 J Shirley, Lane’s Bait, 50-12-0; 2 S Skelton, Maver, 40-0-0; 3 C Harrison, Bailey’s of Warwick, 38-6-0; 4 J Adamson, Nisa Feeders, 20-0-0; 5 G Wood, Swan Baits/Sconezone Floats, 19-12-0; 6 D Shaw, Stoke, 17-8-0.

Packington Somers

Molands Mere Pool (16 pegs)

Result: 1 I Keywood, Solihull Angling Centre, 29-10-0; 2 D Hartshorn, Swan Baits, 27-12-0; 3 S White, Kobra Feeders, 23-7-0; 4 S Edwards, Packington, 20-6-0; 5 A Wooding, Solihull Angling Centre,19-3-0; 6 S Smith, Kobra Feeders, 18-6-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools (Mon)

Beech & Hawthorn Pools (15 pegs)

Result: 1 M Jameson, Boldings, 72-0-0; 2 P Hemmings, Monkhall, 46-7-0; 3 M Foan, Oakengates Angling Centre, 39-10-0; 4 E Bancroft, Rod & Gun, 37-5-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools (Weds)

Sycamore Pool (14 pegs)

Result: 1 M Keene, ABC, 64-14-0; 2 T Foster, Boldings, 54-9-0; 3 H Williams, Weston Pools, 54-6-0; 4 M Jameson, Boldings, 52-1-0. 

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools (Thurs)

Chestnut & Sycamore Pools (35 pegs)

Result: 1 H Williams, Weston Pools, 59-3-0; 2 M Foan, Oakengates Angling Centre, 50-12-0; 3 C Holmes, Mid Severn Angling, 42-11-0; 4 P Evans, Boldings, 40-15-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools

Beech & Oak Pools (21 pegs)

Result: 1 K Emlyn, Oakengates Angling Centre, 46-11-0; 2 S Hall, Oswestry, 42-6-0; 3 C Reynolds, Bilston Angling Centre, 38-15-0; 4 D Brown, Maver Midlands, 38-14-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery (Tues)

Sherwood Lake (16 pegs)

Result: 1 B Elliott, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 28-11-0; 2 J Urruty, Alfreton Angling, 13-15-0; 3 G Hiley, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 11-1-0; 4 D Nicholls, Notts AA, 10-9-0; 5 S Richards, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 10-8-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery (Weds)

Holmedale Lake (11 pegs)

Result: 1 A Lakey, Worksop Angling Centre, 60-3-0; 2 M Langton, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 42-6-0; 3 N Shipman, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 33-8-0.

Starlets Northfield Veterans AS (Tues)

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Front & Back Deans Pools (33 pegs)

Result: 1 D Adcock, Northfield, 60-0-0; 2 L Evans, Kidderminster, 37-8-0; 3 D Bates, Solihull, 25-12-0.

Starlets Packington Somers Vets (Tues)

Molands Mere & Little Geary’s Pools (45 pegs)

Result: 1 E Keene, COVPAC, 33-6-0; 2 N Davies, Packington Vets, 21-4-0; 3 R Atkins, Solihull Angling Centre, 19-10-0; 4 B Calcott, Lane’s Bait, 17-12-0.

Suffolk Water Park Silverfish Only

Match Lake 1 (15 pegs)

Result: 1 K Gooderham, Browning Wickford Angling, 14-4-0; 2 N Larkin, Nisa Feeders, 12-15-0; 3 D Howling, Suffolk Water Park, 11-4-0; 4 N Gooderham, Bait-Tech, 6-5-0; 5 R Baker, Suffolk Water Park, 6-4-0; 6 R Watson, Nisa Waveney, 6-3-0.

Tri-Cast Weston Pools Over 55’s (Weds)

All lakes (15 pegs)

Result: 1 M Ellis, Weston Wagglers, 28-7-0; 2 M Craddock, Dougie Speed, 27-10-0; 3 N Platt, Weston Pools, 23-9-0.

Tri-Cast Weston Pools Over 55’s Rover (Fri)

All lakes (12 pegs)

Result: 1 J Tatton, Chester Tackle Locker, 50-2-0; 2 R Perrin, Weston Pools, 49-2-0; 3 C Diamond, Eddie’s Bait Supplies, 43-12-0.

Tri-Cast Weston Pools

Canal, Weir & Jack’s Lakes (31 pegs)

Result: 1 R O’Connor, Drennan NW, 50-6-0; 2 J Andrews, Weston Pools, 40-8-0; 3 C Parry, Tri-Cast Weston, 39-0-0; 4 M Dawes, Drennan NW, 36-8-0; 5 C Gladwin, Weston Pools, 35-12-0; 6 A Amos, Drennan NW, 30-10-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm (Mon)

Extension Pool (17 pegs)

Result: 1 D Lutwyche, Hawkesbury, 24-10-0; 2 P Hancocks, Birmingham, 22-14-0; 3 A Lines, Banbury Gunsmiths, 22-10-0; 4 W Sweetman, Tunnel Barn Farm, 19-6-0; 6 S Birch, Northfield, 17-3-0; 6 A Harper, Tunnel Barn Farm Colts, 13-10-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm Over 50’s (Tues)

High Pool (28 pegs)

Result: 1 C Newton, Smithy’s Angling, 39-1-0; 2 K Turner, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 39-0-0; 3 D Pope, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 32-6-0; 4 W Sweetman, Tunnel Barn Farm, 31-10-0; 5 R Notley, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 30-10-0; 6 D Kingerlee, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 28-2-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm (Weds)

House Pool (16 pegs)

Result: 1 A Wakelin, Preston Innovations, 81-9-0; 2 P Canning, Solihull Angling Centre, 70-5-0; 3 A Harper, Tunnel Barn Farm Colts, 53-5-0; 4 D Tresigne, Colmic, 42-2-0; 5 P Hancocks, Birmingham, 40-14-0; 6 P Heaven, Greyhound AC, 36-1-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm Vets (Thurs)

Canal, Club & Jenny’s Pools (53 pegs)

Result: 1 D Kingerlee, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 82-6-0; 2 D Rowberry, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 77-11-0; 3 P Lewis, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 55-10-0; 4 M Grayson, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 61-4-0; 5 J Stockton, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 53-3-0; 6 J Wills, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 50-3-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm (Fri)

Canal Pool (17 pegs)

Result: 1 D James, Mosella, 78-9-0; 2 A Hark, Tunnel Barn Farm, 63-15-0; 3 J Brown, Maver Gold/Bag ‘Em Baits, 58-13-0; 4 D Hancocks, Birmingham, 51-13-0; 5 C Chamberlain, Tunnel Barn Farm, 43-15-0; 6 G Sadler, Daiwa, 39-4-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm

New Pool (23 pegs)

Result: 1 P Caton, Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths, 45-8-0; 2 S Pulsar, Middy, 44-12-0; 3 S Kinch, Dynamite Baits, 40-12-0; 4 P Wrighting, Daiwa/Guru/Bag ‘Em Baits, 46-4-0; 5 S Ringer, Daiwa/Guru, 33-7-0; 6 S Huggins, Dynamite Baits, 32-3-0.

Westwood Lakes Over 50’s Christmas Match (Thurs)

Falcon Lake (32 pegs)

Result: 1 P Clark, Ruskington AC, 66-14-0; 2 R Wells, JVAC, 64-6-0; 3 S Gregory, Miracle Baits, 61-12-0; 4 R Robinson, Ropsley AC, 60-12-0; 5 P Raynor, Westwood Lakes, 57-12-0.

Westwood Lakes (Tues)

Falcon Lake (14 pegs)

Result: 1 M Cook, Westwood Lakes, 74-9-0; 2 J Kedzierski, Westwood Lakes, 66-1-0; 3 P Scott, Westwood Lakes, 58-9-0.

Willow Lakes

Match Lakes (19 pegs)

Result: 1 G Eden, Mansfield, 72-4-0; 2 P Kimberley, Team Zimba, 42-4-0; 3 P Arndt, Grantham, 40-4-0; 4 M Wesselby, Newark, 34-8-0; 5 A Birkin, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, 20-8-0; 6 C Williams, Newark, 17-8-0.


Alders Farm Fishery Christmas Bonanza

Pines & Ash Lakes (32 pegs)

Result: 1 R Brain, GOT Baits, 165-6-0; 2 M Greene, Daiwa/Old Ghost, 129-7-0; 3 T Price, GOT Baits, 91-11-0; 4 B Smith, Luton AC, 85-13-0; 5 M Denton, Drennan Oxford, 81-8-0; 6 P Bardell, Maver Milton Keynes, 78-12-0.

Bait-Tech Viaduct Fishery (Thurs)

Campbell Lake (12 pegs)

Result: 1 A Oram, Dynamite Baits, 74-9-0; 2 J Butcher, Wiltshire Angling, 64-2-0; 3 G Powell, Maver, 51-15-0; 4 C Dyer, Langport, 33-2-0.

Top silverfish weight: T Gilbert, Wiltshire Angling, 19-2-0.

Coleman’s Cottage Fishery

Wood Lake (14 pegs)

Result: 1 F Thomas, Browning Wickford Angling, 105-8-0; 2 Z Lari, Ipswich, 59-0-0; 3 T Hayden, Coleman’s Cottage, 51-0-0; 4 P Binks, Colemans Bait & Tackle, 45-8-0; 5 G Bridge, Browning Wickford Angling, 41-8-0; 6 J Thompson, Cross Drove, 34-0-0.

Coleman’s Cottage Fishery (Tues)

Wood Lake (23 pegs)

Result: 1 P Binks, Colemans Bait & Tackle, 110-0-0; 2 P Cooper, Dynamite Baits, 84-12-0; 3 P Steward, Browning Wickford Angling, 62-12-0; 4 G Hollick, Felixstowe, 51-0-0; 5 C Booth, Cariers RAPS, 43-12-0; 6 D Hutchinson, Maver Coleman’s Bait & Tackle/Matchpack, 42-0-0.

Dynamite Baits Oakfield Fishery (Weds)

Red Kite & Swallow Lakes (15 pegs)

Result: 1 J Rogers, Frenzee/GOT Baits, 65-8-0; 2 B Alder, Oakfield, 49-4-0; 3 J Emerson, Top Tackle, 48-11-0; 4 R Llewellyn, Dynamite Oakfield, 33-11-0; 5 R Wall, Dynamite Oakfield, 31-4-0; 6 G Worrall, top Tackle, 29-4-0.

Dynamite Baits Oakfield Fishery

Red Kite & Swallow Lakes (15 pegs)

Result: 1 N Read, Dynamite Oakfield, 53-3-0; 2 R Bassett, Banbury Gunsmiths, 43-2-0; 3 J Rogers, Frenzee/GOT Baits, 30-4-0; 4 P McLoughlin, Dynamite Oakfield, 22-13-0; 5 M Pollard, Shimano/Stanjay Tackle, 22-7-0; 6 T Michaels, Dynamite Oakfield, 19-13-0.

Gold Valley Lakes Christmas Match

All lakes (81 pegs)

Result: 1 G Hellier, Gold Valley, 80-8-0; 2 R Carroll, Cove AC, 60-0-0; 3 A Thomas, Kennet Ospreys, 59-4-0; 4 J Young, Gold Valley, 50-12-0; 5 P Kay, Drennan Bordon Angling, 44-0-0; 6 C Kampa, Godalming, 40-12-0.

Lake John (Weds)

Top Lake (20 pegs)

Result: 1 M Parris, Lake John, 45-8-0; 2 M Scanlon, Oakwood Angling, 39-0-0; 3 M Luther, Rib Valley Angling, 25-8-0; 4 S Clark, Maver Image, 23-8-0; 5 B Everitt, Redbridge Lakes, 18-12-0; 6 C Bartlett, Lake John, 17-12-0.

Lake John

Bottom Lake (16 pegs)

Result: 1 K O’Brien, Lake John 12, 31-0-0; 2 T Pennycook, Lake John, 27-0-0; 3 M Amos, Angling Direct, 25-0-0; 4 C Vandervliet, Drennan/Bowler’s/Bait Tech, 23-0-0; 5 T Stanley, Lake John, 21-8-0; 6 D Carr, Drennan, 20-0-0.

Monk Lakes (Weds)

Lake 2 (15 pegs)

Result: 1 F Brown, Sensas SE, 107-8-0; 2 M Reece, Monk Lakes, 55-8-0; 3 B Luck, Monk Lakes, 50-0-0; 4 L Goodwin, Medway Tackle, 48-0-0; 5 B Upperton, Monk Lakes, 44-0-0.

Monk Lakes Silverfish Only

Puma Lake (16 pegs)

Result: 1 P Hamlyn, Preston Innovations Delcac, 30-4-0; 2 G Vallance, Preston Innovations Delcac, 23-0-0; 3 J Sene, Maver Cardinals, 19-6-0; 4 D Gladwin, Preston Innovations Delcac, 19-2-0; 5 S Hill, Garbolino, 16-2-0; 6 S Cottingham, Maver Cardinals, 16-0-0.

Puddledock Farm (Weds)

Snake Lake (16 pegs)

Result: 1 D Harold, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 66-8-0; 2 T Schiniou, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 45-0-0; 3 R Harold, Angling Direct, 43-0-0; 4 S Mould, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 32-8-0.

Slough House Lake Silverfish Only (Weds)

Bulphan (18 pegs)

Result: 1 G Night, IOD, 37-6-0; 2 J Hunt, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 27-14-0; 3 S Gibson, HMD, 25-3-0; 4 S Spooner, Bowler’s, 21-12-0.

Tyler’s Common

Ash & Willow Lakes (25 pegs)

Result: 1 G Manoli, Angling Direct, 114-12-0; 2 J Taylor, Bait-Tech, 112-0-0; 3 D Harold, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 101-0-0.



Aston Park £1,000 Silverfish Winter League (round five)

Split & Lily Ponds (32 pegs)

Result: 1 A Kirk, Maver, 18-1-0; 2 P Madeley, Aston Park, 13-14-0; 3 D Riley, Aston Park, 13-12-0; 4 D Hooper, Mosborough Tackle Box, 12-8-0; 5 R Wilson, Aston Park, 12-7-0; 6 N Nicholson, Aston Park, 11-10-0.

Barton Kingfishers Autumn League (final round)

Grange Park, Kingfisher & Heron Lakes (28 pegs)

Result: 1 D Mountford, Grimsby, 46-13-0; 2 P Hewitt, Grange Park, 40-7-0; 3 M Dalton, Sheffield, 39-14-0; 4 B Horsfall, Grange Park, 30-13-0.

Final league: 1 P Maddison, Winterton, 39pts (match wins); 2 M Day, Winterton, 39; 3 J Bradley, Barton Kingfishers, 37.

Blundell’s Fishery Rover

All lakes (32 pegs)

Result: 1 G Whalley, Bait-Tech, 49-14-0; 2 M Hassell, Stalybridge Angling Supplies, 32-13-0; 3 D Wood, Hazel Grove Angling Centre, 27-3-0; 4 K Webster, Urmston, 26-8-0; 5 M Wright, Gilder’s Tackle, 22-14-0; 6 M Rudd, Rochdale Angling Centre, 19-10-0.

Bob-Co Yorkshire Winter League

Yorkshire Ouse, Hunter’s Lodge, Linton, Aldwark, Thorpe Underwood and Widdington (80 pegs)

Result: 1 J Wilkinson, Aireborough, 5-5-0; 2 S Machell, Aireborough, 5-0-0; 3 B Jeffries, Leeds, 4-15-0; 4 T Guthrie, Halifax, 4-14-0; 5 S Holt, Aireborough, 4-7-0; 6 P Austin, Barlby Village Stores, 4-0-0.

Teams: 1 Angler’s World Holidays, 61pts; jt2 Barlby Village Stores, Tackle 2U, Aireborough and Leeds, all 49.

League: 1 Tackle 2U, 7pts; 2 Angler’s World Holidays, 10; jt3 Mirfield AC and Barlby Village Stores, both 19.

Brookside Fisheries

Snake Lake (24 pegs)

Result: 1 M Pleavin, Lionel’s Tackle, 50-14-0; 2 N Butterworth, Cheshire Angling, 38-12-0; 3 S Conroy, Kamasan/Sensas, 38-8-0; 4 J Howarth, Tri-Cast Highfield, 33-14-0; 5 S Knowles, Ted Carter Southport, 31-6-0; 6 R Whiteman, Cheshire Angling, 28-0-0.

Brighouse AA Christmas Cheer

Brighouse Canal (25 pegs)

Result: 1 C Ellis, Tri-Cast Calder, 5-15-0; 2 P Duffy, Tri-Cast Calder, 5-0-0; jt3 T Darcy, Ryburn and D Finnegan, Calder Angling Supplies, both 3-2-0; 5 S Avinou, Tri-Cast Calder, 2-12-0; 6 S Mitchell, Matrix Halifax, 2-5-0.

Cunneries Fishery Winter League (round three)

S Canal Lake (21 pegs)

Result: 1 C Robinson, Ted Carter Preston, 35-6-0; 2 A Lord, Cunneries, 29-4-0; 3 D Connell, Ted Carter Southport, 26-5-0; 4 T Murphy, Darwen Loyals, 18-10-0; 5 S Howarth, Ted Carter Preston, 17-0-0; 6 M Taylor, Darwen Loyals, 15-9-0.

Doncaster Fishing Centre Winter League (round six)

Garbolino Lindholme Lakes, Oasis Lake (30 pegs)

Result: 1 A Bailey, Daiwa Dons, 32-0-0; 2 S Clegg, Doncaster Fishing Centre, 30-15-0; 3 P Yates, Drennan, 24-13-0; 4 K Feast, Daiwa Dons, 24-10-0; 5 P Riley, Doncaster Fishing Centre, 21-12-0; 6 K Bridley, Rossington, 19-6-0.

League: Jt1 P Yates and A Bailey, both 7pts; 3 T Bray, 8.

Hampton Springs Fishery Silverfish Only

Alice Springs, Rock & Willows Pools (27 pegs)

Result: 1 A Spencer, Chester Tackle Locker, 25-0-0; 2 C Davis, Chester Tackle Locker, 19-14-0; 3 J Daives, Chester Tackle Locker, 19-10-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries

Canal, Match & Meadow Pools (46 pegs)

Result: 1 D Lockett, Stoke-on-Trent, 65-14-0; 2 P Lees, Gilder’s Tackle, 58-8-0; 3 R Randell, Rugeley, 46-3-0; 4 G Lees, Gilder’s Tackle, 430-2-0; 5 P Mellor, Heronbrook, 40-10-0; 6 S Wiliamson, Reddish AC, 39-0-0.

Meadow View Fisheries

Lark Pool (21 pegs)

Result: 1 D Williams, Team Dallam, 61-11-0; 2 E Dalton, Meadow View, 38-0-0; 3 B Dac, Edgeley Sports, 37-4-0; 4 P Barwell, Widnes Angling Centre, 28-0-0.

None Go Bye Farm Fishery

Middle Pond (17 pegs)

Result: 1 T Peters, Tri-Cast Calder, 15-6-0; 2 I Sutcliffe, Tri-Cast Calder, 12-11-0; 3 S Weston, Matrix Halifax, 12-2-0; 4 C Kendall, Middy, 10-11-0; 5 S Webster, Tri-Cast Calder, 10-8-0; 6 D Briggs, Tackle 2U, 9-2-0.

Oaks Lakes

Ash, Beech & Sycamore Lakes (21 pegs)

Result: 1 D Smith, Bait-Tech, 84-10-0; 2 B Poole, The Oaks, 61-6-0; 3 T Watson, Mosella Quaker, 60-12-0.

Partridge Lakes

Covey Canal Lakes (56 pegs)

Result: 1 C Mayor, Drennan NW, 42-7-0; 2 P Tickle, St Helen’s Angling, 41-11-0; 3 B Bush, Lingmere, 37-5-0; 4 R Priestley, Maver NW, 34-15-0; 5 R Rigby, Rochdale Angling, 34-8-0; 6 C Scott, Garbolino Elton, 33-5-0.

Ripon Piscatorials Christmas Match

River Ure, Nab - Bishop Monkton (36 pegs)

Result: 1 M Hope, Northern Angling Ripon, 5-8-0; 2 K Weighell, DH Angling, 3-0-0; 3 P Miller, Aireborough, 1-14-0; jt4 A Scaife, Parklands and D Robson, Tackle Box Kippax, both 1-13-0.

Rosemary Wood Fishery

Moss Lake (29 pegs)

Result: 1 A Dewhurst, Fisherman’s Tackle, 77-4-0; 2 Phil Dewhurst, Burscough Angling Supplies, 64-14-0; 3 Pete Dewhurst, Burscough Angling Supplies, 48-12-0; 4 J Dewhurst, Rosemary Wood MG, 37-9-0; 5 C Bowland, Rosemary Wood MG, 36-6-0; 6 T Joynson, Liverpool AS, 34-10-0.

St Helen’s AA

Carr Mill Dam (21 pegs) 

Result: 1 S Stott, Farnworth Tackle, 23-14-0; 2 D Bennett, Preston Innovations, 17-12-0; 3 J Fletcher, Fisherman’s Way, 11-6-0; 4 J Hines, Saints, 10-8-0.


Angling Direct Silverfish Pairs (round two)

Sion Farm Fishery (40 pegs)

Result: 1 G Albutt, Matrix/Bait-Tech, 27-2-0; 2 P Watts, Bait-Tech, 22-7-0; 3 G Clarke, Smithy’s Angling, 18-7-0.

Pairs: 1 P Watts and G Albutt, 4pts; 2 R Cooksey and P Jones, 6; 3 Glynn and Gary Clarke, 10.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery Teams of Four Silverfish League (round four)

Moat, Bridge & Croft Pools (40 pegs)

Result: 1 L Hewison, Wheato’s Hotshots, 54-3-0; 2 B Holmes, Matrix Dynamite Baits Trentmen, 29-11-0; 3 K Baxter, Daiwa Drawbags, 22-12-0; 4 L Barratt, Kelly’s Store, 20-1-0; 5 G Tomlinson, Wheato’s Hotshots, 17-15-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery

Reed Pool (14 pegs)

Result: 1 N Vernon, Gainsborough, 61-15-0; 2 M Edgecombe, Leegem Angling, 45-6-0; 3 S Gray, Worksop, 43-2-0; 4 W Lomas, Leegem Angling, 38-11-0; 5 D Robbins, Leegem Angling, 33-10-0; 6 S Robbins, Leegem Angling, 32-11-0.

Froggatt’s Pools

Lodge & Marlpit Pools (18 pegs)

Result: 1 K Woodfield, Tubertini Ludlow, 71-5-0; 2 D Silk, RDAS, 70-8-0; 3 P Goulding, Woody’s Tackle, 67-7-0.

Guru/Bag ‘Em Baits Individual Winter League

Decoy Lakes, Beastie Lake (20 pegs)

Result: 1 C Barley, Dynamite Baits, 78-0-0; 2 N Baxter, Bag ‘Em Baits, 59-12-0; 3 S Godfrey, Decoy, 49-8-0.

Lakeview Fishery

Reef, Oasis & Lagoon Pools (27 pegs)

Result: 1 S Ward, Nottingham, 57-4-0; 2 P Cooke, Leicester, 53-10-0; 3 B Greenbury, Finedon AS, 53-8-0; 4 S Butler, Lakeview Select, 43-5-0; 5 K Daws, Sensas, 43-4-0; 6 S Draper, Lakeview Select, 42-8-0.

March DAA

Old River Nene, March (90 pegs)

Result: 1 R Wootton, Shimano/Dynamite Baits, 28-3-0, 2 R Hewison, Sensas Mark One, 23-4-0; 3 B Wiggington, Bait-Tech, 22-11-0; 4 S Colclough, Browning, 22-5-0; 5 S Merry, Bait-Tech, 21-13-0; 6 M Campion,  Maver Coleman’s Bait & Tackle.Matchpack, 21-13-0.

Moorlands Farm

Meadow & Bank Pools (32 pegs)

Result: 1 M Watson, Daiwa Gordon League, 47-0-0; 2 M Jones, Old Bear, 38-3-0; 3 P Little, Colin Pace Academy, 37-4-0; 4 P Hadlington, Club 2000, 32-3-0; 5 I Mills, Robin’s Timber, 27-4-0.

Packington Somers Winter League (round four)

Geary’s Level, Molands Mere & Little Geary’s Pools (60 pegs)

Result: 1 L Richards, Packington, 71-12-0; 2 P Canning, Solihull Angling Centre, 47-11-0; 3 I Crossman, Browning Central, 33-7-0; 4 S Smith, Kobra, 33-6-0.

 League: 1 L Richards, 9pts; 2 J Newton, 14; 3 M Brayfield, 17; 4 C Newton, 18.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools Fur & Feather   

Chestnut, Sycamore, Willow & Larch Pools (70 pegs)

Result: 1 S Mottram, Drennan NW, 66-8-0; 2 D Craggs, Maver Midlands, 60-4-0; 3 S Rogers, Oakengates Angling Centre, 59-1-0; 4 M Keene, ABC, 52-13-0; 5 M Skelton, Oakengates Angling Centre, 51-10-0; 6 S Richardson, Maver Midlands, 51-5-0. 

Sensas Canal Masters (round two)

Grand Union Canal, Loughborough (55 pegs)

Result: 1 A Wells, Drennan Leicester Sensas, 11-450; 2 C Hughes, Kamasan Starlets, 5-400; 3 J Cunningham, Shakespeare, 4-730; 4 D Massey, Shakespeare, 4-700; 5 L Morley, Drennan Leicester Sensas, 4-200; 6 M Eustace, Bennett’s Bait & Tackle, 3-980.

Qualifiers: T Marshall, A Beasley, J Cunningham, A Cooper, C Hughes and A Wells.

Smithy’s Angling Fur & Feather

Lower Broadheath Pools (70 pegs)

Result: 1 S Smith, Smithy’s Angling, 92-2-0; 2 T James, Smithy’s Angling, 90-8-0; 3 G Clarke, Smithy’s Angling, 65-8-0; 4 ‘Rocky’, Smithy’s Angling, 57-1-0; 5 M Tracey, Smithy’s Angling, 56-8-0; 6 J Swain, Smithy’s Angling, 54-14-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm

Extension Pool (22 pegs)

Result: 1 S Ringer, Daiwa/Guru, 67-5-0; 2 P Caton, Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths, 64-6-0; 3 A Parker, Mosella, 56-9-0; 4 C Hill, Mosella, 55-2-0.

Westwood Lakes

Falcon Lake (20 pegs)

Result: 1 L Morley, Westwood Lakes, 122-4-0; 2 A Swain, Sensas A4, 114-6-0; 3 P Harsley, Dave’s Peg, 103-3-0; 4 J Brooks, Middy, 93-10-0; 5 S Lane, Marukyu/Westwood Lakes, 78-7-0.


Alders Farm Fishery Winter League (final round)

Ash & Pines Lakes (40 pegs)

Result: 1 N Wooding, Rushden Angling, 133-9-0; 2 M Greene, Daiwa/Old Ghost, 95-11-0; 3 M McMillan, GOT Baits Red, 86-14-0; 4 R Quick, Chiltern AC, 86-6-0; 5 N Pringle, Brown’s Angling, 83-3-0; 6 L Cox, Rushden Angling, 81-12-0.

Teams: 1 Rushden Angling, 36pts; 2 GOT Baits Black, 26; 3 Chiltern AC, 22.

Final league: 1 GOT Baits Black, 187pts; 2 Rusden Angling, 140; 3 Got Baits Red, 134; 4 Chiltern AC, 127.

Coleman’s Cottage Fishery

Pathfield Lake (23 pegs)

Result: 1 P Binks, Coleman’s Bait & Tackle, 55-0-0; 2 T Edwards, Browning Wickford Angling, 43-0-0; 3 J Derry, Coleman’s Cottage, 40-0-0; 4 P Chambers, Browning Wickford Angling, 29-0-0; 5 M Brown, Browning Wickford Angling, 28-12-0; 6 F Jones, Dalston, 23-0-0.

Dynamite Baits Oakfield Fishery

Red Kite Lake (11 pegs)

Result: 1 R Wall, Oakfield, 46-7-0; 2 D Stratfull, Oakfield, 27-1-0; 3 N Reid, Oakfield, 18-14-0; 4 D Johnson, Oakfield, 17-8-0; 5 I Edwards, Oakfield, 17-6-0; 6 A Foulkes, Oakfield, 14-14-0.

Gillingham AA Winter Championship (round four)

River Stour, Deepwater - Rectory Straight (27 pegs)

Result: 1 A West, Gillingham AA, 8-0-0; 2 R Manns, Garbolino Blackmore Vale MG, 7-11-0; 3 P Henson, Gillingham AA, 4-9-0; 4 P Banfield, Gillingham AA, 4-8-0; 5 J Mills, Garbolino Blackmore Vale MG, 3-15-0; 6 T West, Gillingham AA, 3-7-0.

Gloucester Angling Centre Christmas Match

Gloucester Canal, Hempsted (47 pegs)

Result: 1 T Girdlestone, Frampton AC, 19-12-0; 2 N Baker, Maver Lobby’s Tackle, 14-10-0; 3 D Malpas, Gloucester Angling Centre, 13-10-0; 4 J Wellington, Gloucester Angling Centre, 11-12-0; 5 S Bryant, Gloucester, 8-4-0; 6 A Jane, Maver Lobby’s Tackle, 7-11-0.

Lake John/Angling Direct Winter League (round one)

Top Lake (26 pegs)

Result: 1 P Solen, Lake John, 28-12-0; 2 B Jarvis, Bisto/Lake John, 27-8-0; 3 A Gregory, Drennan Bordon Angling, 26-4-0; 4 G Lockwood, Mat’s Tackle, 26-0-0; 5 M Amos, Angling Direct, 23-8-0; 6 C Vandervliet, Bowler’s/Drennan/Bait Tech, 21-6-0.

Pairs: 1 P Solen and G Lockwood, 49pts; 2 B Jarvis and M Johnson, 39; 3 C Vandervliet and P Reddy, 38.

Medway Tackle Christmas Silverfish Match

Frant Lakes, Skirmish, Sunken Island, Car Park & Waterfall Lakes (26 pegs)

Result: 1 P Udell, Maver Cardinals, 31-8-0; 2 C Love, Willow Park, 29-4-0; 3 S Sanders, Preston Innovations, 26-12-0; 4 R Draisey, Edenbridge, 23-12-0; 5 I Lyndsey, Edenbridge, 21-8-0; 6 B Nesbitt, Advanced Pole Repairs, 20-12-0.

Monk Lakes Silverfish Only

Puma Lake (18 pegs)

Result: 1 P Wiltshire, Maver Cardinals, 29-10-0; 2 P Goodman, Preston Innovations Delcac, 25-2-0; 3 B Bathie, Vinyl Signs, 20-12-0; 4 P Hills, Maver Cardinals, 17-10-0; 5 B Chapman, Maver Cardinals, 13-12-0; 6 L Goodwin, Monk Lakes, 13-6-0.

Ockendon Bait & Tackle

Puddledock Farm, Snake Lake (46 pegs)

Result: 1 T Schiniou, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 115-6-0; 2 R Thomas, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 103-1-0; 3 G Rolfe, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 99-12-0; 4 J Penhaligon, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 78-9-0; 5 S James, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 76-8-0; 6 G Dack, Maver, 74-2-0.

Redbridge Lakes

Lake Daisy (10 pegs)

Result: 1 G McClair, Hollow, 11-14-0; 2 J Young, Redbridge, 9-8-0; 3 P Ali, Redbridge, 4-11-0; 4 T Parker, Usual Suspects, 4-6-0; 5 G Baker, Hollow, 4-0-0; 6 G Penny, Hollow, 3-12-0.

Wiltshire Angling Christmas Match

Bristol Avon, Barton Farm & Melksham (42 pegs)

Result: 1 S White, Chippenham, 22-5-0; 2 B Dukes, Garbolino Blackmore Vale MG, 7-1-0; 3 M Rayet, Maver Bathampton, 6-11-0; 4 G Matthews, Wiltshire Angling, 6-9-0; 5 C Fletcher, Maver Bathampton, 6-4-0; 6 M Harper, Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 6-0-0.


42ins hooklength helps bank brace of thirties

A massive 42ins hooklenght helped Lee Collings overcome a multitude of problems to bank two thirties and a twenty.

The 3ft 6ins hooklink was used to lie on top of dying weed during a two-night session at a busy Farriers Lake in Gloucestershire.

Lee said: “There were 14 anglers on when I arrived, with all the going swims stitched up, so it left me no option but to head to one of the weediest swims on the lake.”

After failing to locate any clear spots, Lee decided to fish on top of the retreating weed. He said: “I was fishing an area about 6ft deep, but the weed was 2ft to 3ft off the deck, and higher in some places. I had seen a couple of fish show in the general area so I opted to fish long 3ft 6ins ESP Stripteaze hooklinks to sit on top of the weed.”

The Midlands rod used a Mainline Hybrid pop-up as a hookbait, but struggled to bait up due to the resident birdlife.

“After the all the commotion of setting up and the birds diving I didn’t expect much to happen the first night, so I was more than surprised when I managed a 25lb 8oz common in the middle of the night.

“The next day was spent cursing the birdlife as they drove me nuts wiping both rods out on numerous occasions, but eventually managed to get everything settled just on dusk. Half an hour before first light the left-hand rod melted off and after a short battle and a load of weed I netted what felt like a good fish. After I had got the rod back out I was just sorting my camera out to do some self takes when the same rod ripped off again. It was a good job I had set up my spare net, and after a brief tussle I had two fish in the nets – and I still didn’t have a clue how big they were.

“The first fish weighed 35lb and the second fish weighed 37lb 8oz. I was over the moon with two thirties.”

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39lb 2oz mirror from southern gravel pit

A rain-lashed overnighter gave Richard Effamy this 39lb 2oz mirror.

The 29-year-old plastering contractor flicked his baits just 20 yards under a willow tree at a southern gravel pit to tempt the specimen.

The West Sussex angler said: “It was a very wet 12-hour overnighter. I got absolutely soaked!”

Richard fed about half a kilo of crumbed and chopped Sticky Krill boilies and fished a matching hookbait on a multi rig made with 25lb Atomic Jel-E-Wyre and a size 6 Gardner Chod hook.

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4lb perch after two year wait

For the last two winters Dave Horton has set himself the target of catching a 4lb-plus perch – and he finally achieved his goal with this 4lb 8oz specimen from the River Lea.

The experienced predator angler and Pike Anglers Club member –who has over 20, 30lb-plus pike to his name – found success with a floatfished roach deadbait on the Hertfordshire waterway

He said: “On a couple of occasions I fallen short by just two ounces and I can honestly say that I am as delighted with this fish as I am with any of my 30lb pike.”

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35lb 6oz pike from Ravensthorpe Reservoir

This cracking 35lb 6oz pike from Ravensthorpe Reservoir is believed to be the biggest of the species caught from any of Anglian Water’s portfolio of fisheries this season.

The impressive specimen was boated by Mat Kasjaniuk while he worked a lure in a central area of the 100-acre Northamptonshire venue.

The large esox set a new personal best for Mat, and he completed the memorable session with a second pike over the 20lb-barrier.

Boat fishing for pike at Ravensthorpe will resume on February 14 -22. To book a boat call 01480 810531.

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New rods help catch monster zander

Steve Budd christened his new rods in style with this 17lb 11oz zander from the River Severn.

The huge predator was caught just after dark at the end of the day session on the midlands waterway after the Tewkesbury-based gas engineer moved to a spot which he hadn’t fished for a while but fancied to produce a big fish.

The 51-year-old, who is no stranger to catching large zander from the Severn having landed one of 20lb 6oz a few years ago, said: “I’d just bought some new 10ft, 2.5lb test curve TFG carp rods for my zander fishing and I couldn’t have asked for a better fish to christen them with.”

Steve tempted the specimen with a roach deadbait fished close a bend on the river.

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