Big Bream At Bain Valley's New Lake

With eight lakes to choose from Bain Valley Fisheries in Lincolnshire is fast becoming one of the most popular commercials in the midlands. The venue’s new Bream Pit has already proven its eminence as a venue with some great nets of bream to 140lb already recorded.

As featured in our sister publication Improve Your Coarse Fishing recently, Steve Gregory proved the quality of the fishing on offer in this lake with some huge slabs to 7lb landed. However, there are no small fish in this lake so a patient approach is required and don’t expect hundreds of bites. The water is fairly weedy even in autumn so it is worth finding a nice weed free spot by casting a lead around your swim before you begin fishing. The feeder, as always when targeting bream, should be your tactic of choice on this lake. Fill it with brown crumb or any good sweet bream groundbait, adding plenty of corn, worm, dead maggots and casters to the mix. Big bream are suckers for a cocktail bait and Steve Gregory’s catch was achieved using worm and corn on the hook. Start you session by putting in a bit of bait, say a cast every two minutes for the first ten minutes or so to get some bait down on the lake bed and don’t worry about being too tight as big bream require plenty of space when feeding. A cast of around 5-10 minutes thereafter should suffice. Alternatively you can spod or use a flatbed Method feeder to put a bed of 2-4mm fishmeal pellets with a little groundbait on the lake bed and fish a bigger 8mm pellet on the hook. Both these methods will work on their day.

Another lake which is showing good form is the mixed stocked Hurricane (13 pegs). Roach, perch and bream nets well over 50lb have been landed in recent matches with simple maggot and groundbait or small pellets working well on the pole in around 6-7ft of water.

TIP: When targeting bream on the new lake, add plenty of loose offerings to your mix to give the bream something to root around for.

Prices: £6 a day, concessions £5, extra rod £2, 24 hours £20

Location: Bain Valley Lakes, North Road Farm, Tattershall Thorpe, Lincoln LN4 4PQ

Contact: 01526 342275,

Rules: Barbless only, no keepnets, no braid, no nuts,

Facilities: Toilets, Caravan Park