Wraysbury giant landed at 41lb 8oz

TONY Roberts has landed his second forty in as many years from the ultra-difficult Wraysbury in the form of this stunning 41lb 8oz mirror.

The Sticky Baits-backed rod fished a mid-week overnighter on the historic Berkshire venue and before leaving in the morning he baited his spot heavily with 12mm Krill boilies in preparation for his next trip at the weekend.

“When I returned late on Friday I could see the fish had eaten every last bit of it and I was extremely confident of catching, which is something a little special considering the venue,” he said. “I lowered a couple of rigs baited with double hookbaits off the boat and along with a few handfuls of bait around the area.”

Four fish showed over the spot the next morning but when they stopped showing an hour late he feared he’d missed his chance.

“Soon after, however, the bobbin pulled tight and the line picked up through the water before connecting to a heavy fish. It held deep and felt so strong, at times I thought it was solid in weed, but instead it was charging around and twisting and turning under the boat.

“I was desperate to land it and when I caught a glimpse of a large light shape and it looked like one of the Simon Scott stockies.

“Once in the net, it confirmed my theory on the identity and also the weight. I knew it felt heavy and this fish looked every ounce of forty pounds. We got her on the bank and she weighed an impressive 41lb 8oz and my second Wraysbury forty in as many years on the Krill.”