Weeks of prebaiting pay off with 38lb 4oz common

Weeks of pre-baiting and a heavy lead helped trip up this stunning 38lb 4oz common just 10 yards from the bank at a Bedfordshire estate lake.

The spotless specimen arrived at dawn and was Alex Bransby’s reward for trickling boilies into the swim for a long period of time.

The Fox-backed angler, who has recently started producing his own Raw Baits range, said: “It was caught just 10 yards out from a silt gully I'd been pre-baiting for a number of weeks.
“It was a 36-hour session and I caught it at first light after a number of shows over the area throughout the night.”

Alex’s rig featured six inches of Fox Camotex, a size six FOX SSBP hook and a 6oz inline grippa lead. He used one of his own 16mm Raw Baits’ Nutex boilie over 2kg of free offerings.