Wait for 40lb common is finally over

Lee Collings achieved a long standing goal of catching a common over the 40lb-barrier with this stunning 43lb 10oz specimen.

The fish was the best of five carp caught during a four day session on the Carp Society’s Farriers Lake in the Cotswolds.

All of the midlands-based rod’s fish were taken on Mainline Baits Cell bottom baits and he fed a total of 10kg of boilies throughout the duration of his stay.

“The bite was more like that of a tench and it didn’t even pull the line out of the clip,” he said. “It didn’t do anything until I got it at the net and then it went mad.

“I also believe this is the biggest carp to be caught from the venue this season,” he added.

Lee mounted his baits on 25lb ESP Strip Teaze hooklinks and size 6 Curve Shanx hooks.